Are plasma viscosity, high thyroid antibodies and high TSH related?

Hi, suspected Hashimoto's sufferer here on 125mcg Levo. I've been referred to an endo by my GP due to ongoing symptoms, not doing very well on the meds and other abnormal results from past blood tests.

My GP has suggested that my high plasma viscosity at 1.9mPa.s (normal below 1.75) is related to the high TSH reading at 22 (0.2-4.2) as it points to some sort of inflammatory response, but I'm not entirely sure about this. I think she may have been getting this information from other sources as during my last appointment with her she also mentioned the 2 antibodies present in the blood - thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin - 1 or both of which I may have.

Surely this is something a general practitioner does not usually know about? Is it possible she went through an endo about this?

It just seems unusual for a general practitioner to mention this sort of thing as the other two GPs I've seen for thyroid problems think hypothyroidism is not due to an autoimmune illness.

Thanks for your help.

Jo xxx

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I have never heard of this association but if you have antibodies, I suspect you have an autoimmune problem. These short videos mention TPO and thyroglobulin antibodies:

Hi Heloise, thanks for the videos and your reply.

Just a few things - although the first thyroid antibody test in January came back positive with elevated antibodies there was no specific antibody given, however someone I spoke to at support group assumed it was anti-thyroid peroxidase I am high in. Not that I'm not taking their advice on board, but I heard from another person more clued up on this that thyroid peroxidase does not go as high as 84,000 which my antibodies were. So does that mean I have both antibodies? This is really confusing.

Also when I was told of the result of this test my TSH was at 0.69 (0.27-4.2), so why would my TSH be so low when these antibodies are present and are elevated? Does that go on to mean that maybe - I'm taking a shot in the dark here - that my Free T4 may have been elevated as a result and the GP didn't test it as the TSH was within range? I only raise this question as this doctor mentions that thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin are used to make T4 and T3. It would make sense if that be the case.

Thanks for your help

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, when was your TSH 22 ?. Was this the same time your antibodies were high? I don't understand why they are saying this is not due to autoimmune attack which is the cause of Hashimoto.

I agree with those that say the immune dysfunction comes from a leaky gut. And this can cause more than one attack so you could have both TPO and AB. Being on T4 may have brought those down along with your TSH. Is your TSH now .69?

I know these side issues throw off GP's. I would concentrate on getting all your thyroid levels at optimum...FT4, FT3, and TSH and perhaps the other problems will resolve.

The rest of the videos (22) are very informative, I know many patients are placed on an antidepressant and this may be the reason why. Functional medicine may be a better answer than endos can give.

Hi Heloise, thanks for your reply.

I'll put down all results from thyroid tests as I've got a copy of my latest bloods yesterday:

November 2011

TSH - 5.2 (0.2-4.2)

FT4 - 16.48 (12-22)

January 2012

TSH - 2.2 (0.2-4.2)

FT4 - not done

January 2013

TSH - 0.69 (0.27-4.2)

Thyroid antibodies - 84 kIU/L (No reference range and no specific antibody given)

May 2013

TSH - 22 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 - 10.9 (12-22)

(Put on Levo at this time at 25mcg, then 50mcg and then 75mcg)

August 2013

TSH - 4 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 - not done

(Levo increased to 125mcg)

November 2013

TSH - 4.3 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 - 15.3 (12-22)

FT3 - 5.5 (done privately - 3.1-6.8)

(Levo increased to 150mcg)

December 2013

TSH - 4.6 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 - 15.6 (12-22)

Anti-TPO - 41 kIU/L (>34)

Thanks for the link and the video - I watched it all the way through and regarding serotonin issues - I don't know if I have a deficiency in serotonin because it's related to up and down blood sugars.

My blood sugar has been pretty much stable. In May it was 4.6 and December it was 4.9 (>10)


Jo xxx

Jo xxx

I see your TSH went way up after the antibodies shot up. The kIU/L seems unusual. I'm looking that up.

Good A1C level.

Remember the pituitary puts out the TSH. It could take a while before the antibodies start to reduce T4.

Hi Heloise, thanks for your answer.

What I find most strange is that my TSH in January this year was 0.69 and the thyroid antibodies were at their highest at 84 kIU/L, then in this month's results the TSH is much more at 4.6 and the thyroid antibodies have dropped at 41 kIU/L.

I'm wondering if the TSH has any influence on the antibodies themselves.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, I don't know about a lot of the science but remember the whole process is NOT instantaneous. I don't know if the pituitary recognizes antibodies at all. I'm not even sure what signals it DOES recognize. If you watch all the videos, Dr. Clark says the TSH can look excellent even when the thyroid is struggling.

Do you have any idea why this started? A Virus? menopause? an accident or other major stress?

The other videos are very informative if you go to youtube.

Your original question about the plasma; was it all that high? Fish oil and vitamin E have blood thinning capabilities.

Hi Jo, sound like she looked it up , a lot of docs do. They usually use the Mayo clinic site, USA. Not sure if it is on , but it is a very good site

However, sounds lie sticky blood, which is not related , but means more likely to clot. I have that..Haematology.

Best wishes,


Hi Jackie, this helps a lot. I just wondered where she drew this link between high TSH and high plasma viscosity. I've looked it up online using various keywords such as "high TSH and high plasma viscosity" or "high TSH and hyperviscosity syndrome" but alas, no luck. She must've been doing her homework before I came into the room to see her! ;)


Jo xxx

Sounds a treasure, not many like that about.


Yes indeed. She's a breath of fresh air unlike the other 2 idiot GPs I've been talking to. ;)

Jo xxx

Hi Notice, you are like me, want to know everything possible!

Best wishes,


Hi Jackie, yes I do like to know everything possible! ;)

Also my previous GP got so much wrong when I was under their care so I want to make sure this GP I'm now with is doing what they should be regarding my care.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, It is vital, as all human! You have to do it with even the best consultants too!

Best wishes,


Hi Jo, The link is high TSh thyroid disease, if autoimmune as often, and I know you were told yours is, the Plasma result is linked to autoimmune conditions.Watch out for more! There are a lot, I have gradually had my present ones, 12 now, there are more. You just have to watch pout for them, some can some cannot be treated. The common one that does not matter in the least, no treatment and does not need any is patches on the skin, called vitiligo ( not sure how it is spelt)

Best wishes,


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