Mrs Hilary Clinton Presidential Candidate

If anyone has a Twitter account - you can leave a message for Mrs C on Twitter. I don't so cannot send one but I have finished writing a letter which I'll post on Monday.

This is it on a tinyurl.

Short and sweet, I think is best although I've enclosed a couple of documents. One is John Lowe's Rebuttal on the False Statements made of the Stability and Effectiveness and Safety of Dessicated Thyroid vs Levothyroxine can be shown to her prescribing doctor. Whoever reads her emails MIGHT pass it on!

Those of you who have recovered on NDT or the addition of T3 to T4 can also put in your penny's worth.

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  • Shaws, I thought John Lowe was one of the good guys, and yet you say he made false statements about thyroid treatment too?

    I don't think Twitter would be a good place to leave messages for Mrs Clinton. 140 characters doesn't leave much room for saying anything sensible or meaningful about hypothyroidism or NDT.

  • No, not as I read it. Shaws isn't saying that John Lowe was false, but that his statement called the BTA and others to account for the false statements they made.

  • Thanks I've altered it now just in case it is misconstrued. 

  • Thanks humanbean for bringing my attention to what I mis-typed. Changed it now. Twitter comments needn't be a whole history, just stating how they improved with NDT or T3 added to T4.

  • Just in case folk don't know, Hillary is hypothyroid and takes NDT I believe

  • Yes, Spareribs I was aware.

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