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Hilary Clinton in hospital

Well as we know Hilary Clinton has hypothyroidism which has been evident from photos showing her physical decline over a few years. Apparently, she is treated with synthroid - in other words thyroxine.

Now she has been admitted to hospital with blot clots following a fall and concussion. Earlier she was reported as suffering from a stomach infection.

I've sent her an email advising her how closely thyroid conditions can be related to Hughes Syndrome aka sticky blood syndrome and perhaps she would be wise to inform her medical experts.

Threw in a mention of how many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are poorly treated for thyroid and other autoimmune conditions and she appears to be one of them.

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I had not realised she was hypo!

Yes - she has changed in look but, for ignorant people like me, I thought that if you add ageing, change of image (she seemed to do that sometime after the Monica Lewinsky episode), and fairly extreme work life, I did not jump to thinking hypo.

Definitely interesting. And changes to blood clotting are well known in hypo.


Well done.

I do hope she reads your email and we are sympathetic and she has done an excellent job so far in being in such a high political post, too, didn't know she was hypo.


I did not realise Hilary was hypo either. I know that Dr Miriam Stoppard is and am surprised she has not written any books on the condition - not that I have ever heard of anyway.

I had not realised that Hypo's can have the sticky blood condition - how do we know if we have that as that can be dangerous re strokes etc. Has anyone ever been routinely tested for that - I have never been offered testing at the doctors. Now there is a surprise!


I'm finding this really interesting. Didn't know either had Hypo. I'm just learning about it myself. 8 weeks upto now, another blood test tomorrow.

I bruise terribly easy and a new Locum Dr. questioned me about bruises I had on my arms. (She thought someone was hitting me!). I explained that I bruise even with the lightest knock.

I had bloods done and it came back that I have the blood clotting condition called Hagerman's. Makes me wonder whether I had Hypo back then as I have gradually felt and got worse over the years.

Happy new year folks x


Hagermans Syndrome.


Interesting that. I hope she gets sorted, and that she has enough intuitive cop on to if needed realise that very likely conservative formal medicine typically doesn't have the answers.

It'd be unfortunate and a hard road for her, but it could equally be very positive for thyroid patients and thyroid medicine in general if a person of her profile was to run into issues in getting sorted out, become aware the problems inherent in current medical approaches to treating hypothyroidism, and choose to speak out/campaign on the issue - I can't think of a more suitable profile (in public perception terms anyway) to fill that role.

Should a scenario of that sort arise the risk is perhaps that given her long history of working within the 'system' she might not be ready or prepared to do so. Could be too that it's life's way of putting that particular challenge up to her...



Is Hagermans Syndrome the same as fragile-X syndrome?


Thought she's treated with Armour Thyroid


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