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Sorry - me again!

Dear lovely people,

Apologies for posting again..I posted a couple of days ago as I am feeling so tired that I don't know what to do with myself. I would be grateful for your thoughts on new blood test results.

I have hashimoto's as well as SLE/Sjorgrens overlap and am taking 20mcg of t3 morning and evening as well as 200 mg of hydroxychloroquinine mornings and evenings too.

I have been treated privately until recently when my local nhs gp was sent my history and now provides my medicine (thank goodness as I can't afford it). He took blood tests last week and I was given the results today. Apparently all is 'normal'. I am still feeling really, really exhausted, light headed and very sore.. and am worried that on the back of these results he will stop my medicine.

He didn't test my t4 or t3 levels...only tsh as I thought.

Todays results are:

tsh 0.4 (range is 0.2 to 5.5)

vitamin B12 298 (range is 180 to 1000)

ferritin 60ug/L (range is 10 to 300)

folate 12.6ug/L (> 4.0)

My last private blood tests (in February before I changed from t4 75mcg and t3 20mcg to t3 20mcg twice a day) were:

Total thyroxine (t4) 52 (range 59 to 154)

tsh 1.53 (range 0.27 to 4.2)

free thyroxine 11.1 (range 12.0 to 22.0)

free t3 (range 3.1 to 6.8)

I have slept all day (not good, but couldn't do anything about it) and my question is whether there is anything in these tests that could be making me feel so tired and completely brain stupid or whether I should put it down to the SLE/Sjorgrens.

I don't know much about vitamin b12, but I think that despite being in range, they are relatively low and was thinking about taking a not sure what to take?? I have some Solgar B-complex "100".

I would love any advice, but am also aware that there are so many of us on this site, and everyone is busy...and ill.

Thank you in advance. Lx


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Never be sorry. Asking questions and supporting each other is what the forum is for.

It is hard to tell thyroid function without the T4 & T3 result. The T3 has obviously worked a little because your TSH has reduced but reading previous posts you may still be under medicated.

Are you supplementing low nutrients and iron levels all required to be optimal for good thyroid hormone synthesis. Vit B12 should be between 500 - 100 so supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced. 

Ferritin need to be half way through range so supplement Ferrous Fumarate and take  with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Iron levels will need to be tested after six months..

Have you had Vit D tested ?  Are you gluten free ? 

Watch your GP doesn't want to reduce your dose just because TSH is under range.  I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you Radd. I feel as if I am still undermedicated, but am not sure how to deal with this anymore. Privately, they test everything and listen to symptoms. I don't think that I would ever have found out what was wrong with me without that because my tsh was only just over range and t4 was making me feel bad so they tested all of my antibodies. I don't think that would have happened for ages on the nhs. 

However, I have spent so much money in the last year on meds (t3 is really, really expensive) and so I need to stick with my local gp if he will help.

I will buy supplements and start taking them asap and just hope. 

Thank you for your reply.



T3 is only really, really expensive if you buy it privately in the UK. If you were prepared to buy T3 online it can be bought quite cheaply. You don't even need a prescription. But if you have one it gives you more options on where to source the T3.


Could you let me know by private message where to get it best? I can get a prescription or do it without. I need to do this and start self medicating I think. I need to start reading about this properly. Trouble is that I can't concentrate for very long...


Detox lady :) Chinese medicine is key:) get sticky willies in your system to clean up any inflammation.  They are free thanks to mother nature.  


Hi Bakerstreet,

I'm intrigued, what are sticky willies ?



Me too. I'd love to know.

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Sticky willy :

Anyone from the UK would recognise it - it sticks to clothes, hair, fur, but is not difficult to remove from one's clothes or one's pets.

It is considered to be a weed in gardens but is common and inoffensive in the countryside.


Jose651, see my answer to puffyface.

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Cleavers as they are called. ...

They stick to your clothes and hair.

I use them and they have shrunk my lumps in my neck within a few days and my neck has slimmed down too! 

Anti cancer anti inflammatory

Lay off foods with anti caking agents they cause goiters.  And Goiter genic food too...lay off it for a while

Get some of this herb in the Woodlands if you see it by the road side make sure it's not got any chemical erosion. Wash them thoroughly and soak them in lime or lemon juice with a slice of lime or Lemon cider vinegar and like warm water. all the  toxic crap come out of the plant. ...It will either be a greeny pinky brown colour or light to dark brown or light green. Soak them for 4 to 12 hours or over night. 

From the woodland area just give them a thorough wash with water.  You can steep them in water with cider vinegar for 30 mins then rinse very thorough then pop them in the blender.

Add honey ginger lemon turmeric grapefruit water or green tea cucumber carrot orange and blueberries with flax seeds add a little pineapple mango c.b.d oil and samphire which is a salt water vegetable and packed with nutrients. 

Keep taking this once to twice a day until your swelling is gone. 

Also take 200 me of selenium to speed things up more! 

You will notice a difference over night....I am surprised doctors never mentioned about this!  Thanks to my clever aunt who is plant daft. 

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B 12 sublingual drops or lozenges are the best! 


Thank you so much. On to it today. 


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