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Blood test results - any thoughts? Sorry this is a question not a post!

Hi All,

Jst got my recent results back. Bloods were drawn at 12 noon around 27 hours after taking last dose of levo (150mcg).

Tsh  0.77   range (mIU-L  0.27 - 4.2)

FRee Tyroxine 24.4   range (pmo1/L. 12.0 -  22.0)

Free T3. 5.0    Range (pmo1/L 3.1 -6.8)

 25 oh vitD 154.   NmoL.  50-200

Active b12.  118  pmo1/L. 25.1-165

Ferritin 102   13-150

Under Haematology  INR was flagged as a tiny bit low  0.89.   Range 0.9-1.2 

Doc was sggesting i cut my levo because of free thyroxine but this is the best my T3 has ever been!

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Those look fairly perfect to me.  Perhaps your B12 could be a little higher.   I wouldn't lower your T4, you still have room before your FT3 could show over medication.  Very good.


Fab, thank you. My T4 seems to flucuate a bit going below and just above so not so worried. 


Janie, I had never heard of an international normalized ratio test which seems to be linked to a prothrombin time.  Are you on a blood thinner?

Anyway, you are barely UNDER in a very narrow range so I wouldn't think it's anything to worry about. 


Hi Heloise, i had some specialist bloods taken because i once tested positive for Hughes syndrome - sticky blood. Its another autu immune condition. Im going to get this INR checked again because when i looked it up the result indicates my blood is clotting more quickly than normal putting me at risk of strokes etc. People on Warferin usually have a result of 2. Yikes!


Janie, someone else on the board often talks about Hughes syndrome and they say if you have one autoimmune condition  you may have more.  She seems to have many.  If you have time to watch this video.  He discusses things about the adrenals we don't usually hear.  He also mentions sticky blood.  He calls it clumping which might interest you.

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FT4 is a little elevated but some people need over range FT4 to deliver good FT3.  Read Treatment Options in

If you are supplementing vitD you can stop.  Most people are comfortable with vitD around 100.

Active B12 >35 means there is little likelihood of having B12 deficiency.

Ferritin is optimal 75-100.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks Clutter. Really appreciate it.


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