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naturethroid and when to take it

1 and half grain of naturethroid, feel wired sometimes and depressed, only started taking 1.5 grains since 10 days, so way to go. i take meds in morning and wake up stressed. that could be because i also have sleep apnea and use c-pap at night which arouses my body by pumping air down my throat? how many grains does most people end up on when well? i think taking meds at night might be better? when should i take my other supplements, i take vit c ester, selenium, started taking 125mg of niacin for depression after reading about benefits for depression and anxiety and health benefits the flushing kind of niacin, cod liver oil, evening primrose. magnesium,calcium and zinc complex solgar. still get bouts of high anxiety starting to wonder if i have mitral valve prolapse or arial fibrillation, as panic disorder associated with MVP. i have had issues with panic and anxiety ever since i was 14 at school. got worse at 18 yrs old had a mini nervous breakdown, sweats at night for several weeks, racing thoughts, ended up with clinical depression, had counselling for 18 months and anti depressants but never was completely well, wondered whether thyroid issues started in late teens, as i had glandular fever at 13yrs and a relapse at 17. sometimes my heart flutters and pulse high even when not apparently anxious or panicy. any help or answers welcome.


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Glandular fever can be a cause of hypothyroidism. Maybe for a long time you were undiagnosed hypothyroid.

I would take your vitamins/supplements at lunch time or with breakfast if you decide to take NDT at night.

Everyone takes different amounts of NDT. Some are fine on 1.5 and some 5+. The aim is that you feel well with relief of symptoms. Do you know to increase NDT every 2 weeks by a 1/4 or 1/2. I prefer 1/4 as it's easier to drop down if pulse or temp rises too high 

When you are on an optimum of NDT for you, your depression might well go too. Depression is also a symtpom of hypo.

You can take NDT at bedtime, as long as your stomach is empty. So a gap of about 2 to 2.5 hours after eating and before bed is fine.

I'm sorry you've had problems since you were young, so you doesn't really know what it is like to be truly well.

Sometimes high pulse and flutters can be due to not sufficient thyroid hormones as heart needs them to function normally. Do you take your pulse when it's high. Do you know what your normal pulse is?

Sensations of anxiety are also common till on a reasonable dose.


thanks shaws.


Low iron can be associated with panic attacks & feeling anxious - it's very common for the tender gender.  Always better to get tested before supplementing then you know where you are.  Check ferritin levels (stored iron) folate & B12, & vitamin D for starters - I see you already take some others, a B complex is good if you're low, personally I would avoid calcium if you eat dairy anyway.

I take 2 grains of NDT before bedtime but not supplementing otherwise.  Everyone's different so try & find what suits you.  Jane :D


When i started taking 4 grains of Nature throid i found a couple of hours afterwards my pulse would race and i would feel slightly faint. I found if I split the dose 2g in the morning and 2g in the afternoon i was ok. When my body got used to it i then took them all in the morning. Have never bothered about not eating or eating before taking meds. It takes 10mins or so for the Nature throid to dissolve under the tongue and can leave a gritty feeling and after taste.



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