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Brain fog

I found this very interesting article whilst researching bloating , as i seem to suffer terrible brain fog, especially if i get stressed. I also tend to stutter, as i cant get the words im trying to say out , and its usually when i get stressed!!!

as long as I am calm i can cope, but the moment any one shouts at me , my stress levels soar, and everything goes out of my head and it freezes...!!! its very frightening and distressing!!! if anyone else suffers like i do I thought this may help.

kind regards


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Ummm... It's not really an article, is it. It's an ad to sell his book. smacks a bit of scaremongering to me. Don't really like this man.

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ok grey ,, just thought it may help





You may very well have brain fog (me too) but I think what you describe is quite a normal reaction to being treated with aggression and disrespect. Who is shouting at you and why? Possibly they are the ones displaying abnormal behaviour. x


You seem, to suffer all these symptoms when you are stressed.

Then you have to seriously sit down, and ask yourself truthfully, what is upsetting you.

Sit down with a piece of paper and be absolutely honest, list them all, then see what you can put aside to be dealt with later, try to get the stresses down to only 2/3 to focus on, at one time.

You can only mentally deal with a few stresses at a time, so don't overload your system, not worth it..

NOTHING, is worth getting yourself into this stress state, it is not worth it, and can only do you harm.

Take care Astro




ive become a totally different animal since this thyroid thing,,,

my whole body fell apart,, i shook i sweated , all my nerves were shot and my body wanted to die,,

I have never had such a struggle training to feel normal again,, it was go back to work or lose my job,, not much of a choice,, but i nearly lost my job any way,and im trying to walk without my crutch, it hurts,, but i cant risk it ,,ive got to get bak walking,, i feel awful,, im tired ,, ive lost my nerve and confidence in who i was,, i dont even regognise the me now i now two stone heavier, i feel like crap and eating is a daily experiment,,its dreadful xxx

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i dont even recognise the person different i have become after this illness,, im a totally different animal,, i am two stone heavier,, i used to be able to eat anything,,, now i cant eat anything without it being a constant experiment without feeling bloated!!

It hurts to walk but my job is walking, and they were trying to sack me as i couldn't walk any more,, so i am having to liv e A lie to keep my job,.. i ache i cant walk like i used to,, i cant sleep and i dont recognise the woman that could eat anything ,, walk forever, and had enough energy to work all the hurs there were on this earth,, today ,, i cant do any of that.. lost confidence ,, lost nerve,, feel so tired have to sleep all day on rest days , ten stone and cant lose the two stone,, totally different animal!!!!

all because of this thyroid thing!!!



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