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Great support

What a great replies, thank you. I've had 6 surgery procedures to eleviate the pain, numbness & tingling in my hands wrists & arms over the last 3 years.. Carpal tunnel on both..nope! Thumb joints replaced on both...nope! & 2 cervical Spine ops, .1st was a nerve release that didn't work 2nd last Dec anterior cervical cage & fusion that in fact I thought was beginning to work until I started the levothyroxin (I've got pain in parts of my hands that weren't affected before! Although I've not felt right for a very long time the blood tests I had during this time hadn't shown low thyroxin it's only been since the last surgery! I asked the surgeon if my thyroid could have been affected during surgery as scar is very close to glande, he said no ? ? I should have been given a high dose of Vit D a long time ago (luckily my rheumatologist left & the new one did these tests phew!) I had more bloods taken today at a pre op apptmt (for something different) usually just the basic blood test but the Sister asked if I'd like my thyroid, b12, iron checked again as I'm still in so much pain & in slow motion mode! (How great was she?) should get results soon. Night all, prob be back at 3 AM lol. Gotta go see Doc again, I can't go on like this.

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That sounds shocking- and no one has tested your B12 and folate before? Typical symptoms. Sigh. Hope you slept well. 

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Hi, I have had my B12 checked on various occasions & it's always been low (as have the others) but not under the 200 ul/g mark & I have often made my concerns known but the GP's haven't been.  I've got an apptmt this morning with a very old fashion moany GP this morning (but I actually like him, I offered him one of my prozac yrs ago & he burst out laughing! not on them now) Not sure if he's going to help but I'm so not functioning again this morning & in so much pain! even my teeth hurt!.. I Just woke up a few times but fell straight back to sleep thank goodness 😴 Hope you're ok! 


It all sounds very much like low B12 symptoms. Just because it shows up in the blood test results doesn't mean it's reaching your cells. If we've got thyroid problems we need it to be up around 800-1000, not just over 200. Good luck with feeling better soon. MariLiz

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Oh wow! makes my aches and pains sound good, let's hope you get sorted out.  Low vitD can certainly be associated with chronic pain.  A gold star for that sister too.

Amongst many other ailments, I have bi-lateral cts too but refused the op because I know too many for whom it hasn't been successful, I'm glad I did Cts (and other chronic pain) can also be a symptom of hypothyroidism.

I am sure that you will have already looked at these things but just in case you haven't....

breathing as a form of pain management?  There are studies that show it helps  Most of us only breathe with the top portion of our lungs but learning diaphragmatic breathing gets more oxygen into the bloodstream, which in turn can help alleviate some symptoms  There are loads of videos on youtube about it (some much better than others).

prescription medication can be part of and exacerbate the pain cycle (sorry I had a good link but now I want it can't find it).


vitamin and mineral deficiencies - vitD being just one of many :)

cranial osteopathy (I have had it from 2 sources one worked fantastically the other didn't).

pilates, tai chi, yoga (there are other exercise regimen available)  a friend of mine found pilates really helped with his chronic pain, I prefer yoga but probably only because I know it better.

coconut oil (inside and out) is getting a real good reputation for helping manage and even cure pain.  It is possible that ghee is even better thhe.austusmediallc.netdna-...

sadly diet can play a role in instigating and exacerbating pain.  Have you investigated any food allergies (check out the ecognitive link above)?  Adding alkaline foods to your diet might help, apart from anything else it improves vitD take-up

leaky gut.  have you been checked for this?

kefir has been shown, amongst other things, to repair and improve organ function (and leaky gut)

I don't know if there is anything useful here but I do wish you luck and hope that your next op is your last op 👍

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Thank you, I am sure I will find all of these very useful as I've not tried/looked at any of them  purely because I was so convinced that once I'd had the last spine op I'd be bionic woman or should I say super gran lol. I've not felt well since op, I woke up with a lazy right eyelid & have been numb under my chin since but must say both have improved since being on Levothyroxin & vitamin D, but get pain under my chin & neck now? GP today was so brash he said he'd never heard of anyone being in pain with Levothyroxin & that my thyroid is only going to get worse because of the Se peroxidase is 964.9 still not sure what that means?  He told me to up the pregabalin as he thinks I'm having a fibromyalgia  flare up?  Maybe he's right but this is the worst & longest so far! & he wasn't at all concerned about the b12! He asked why I was seeing a Rheumatologist when I don't have R Arthritis? & no one knows what's wrong with me? Great! I'm surprised that he didn't point me to the nearest bridge! Maybe if things don't improve soon I'll go to A&E! At 56 I'm too young to be old & vise versa with 4 great kids, 6 fantastic young grandchildren 2 dogs & a house that's gone to pot lol & I need to get a job ASAP! I know things could be a whole lot worse & hopefully things will improve soon for us all. Thanks again hope I've not bored you to tears! Lol Sandra.


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