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I recommend looking at the details and use of Himalayan salt mixed with raw honey on your browser.  I have been taking the 3 to 1 mix every night under the tongue for the last two months and my last blood test for Thyroid function showed a significant elevation in T4 and my GP reduced my daily intake from 100mcg to 75mcg pending a further test in six weeks.  I will post results then.  I have been interested in the posts from other hypothyroid patients indicating adrenal gland deficiences have bearing on thyroid function and believe that the salt/honey mix has helped to activate my adrenals. I certainly have much more energy and I'm sleeping well again.

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  • Hi that's exciting news.  could v you say how much you take please?  or where the links are ? I have both ingredients in my cupboard! 

  • The correct ratio for this mix should be 5 tsps raw honey to 1 tsp of Himalayan Salt - sorry I made a typo in my post.  I mix these thoroughly and store the mix in a lidded, glass jar which I keep by my bedside.  On the end of a long handles spoon I take a small amount (the size of my little fingernail) and apply it under my tongue last thing before sleeping.  One of the many links to this therapy is :>Health>Medicine

    I first tried this to ensure a better sleep but further investigation shows how it perks up the adrenals leading me to believe that my Levothyroxine dose was reduced (after years of 100mcg) to 75mcg as a result of adrenal health.

  • brilliant.  thanks so much for reply.  will be trying it tonight 

    best wishes


  • But how do you feel? Do you feel better?

  • MUCH more energy, sleep better and more cheerful!

  • Have you tried this with rock salt ?

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