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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me, for Afew years iv been feeling poorly doctors always put it down to anxiety, well the last few weeks iv completely crashed I feel awful can't function at all.. iv got a goiter in my neck and these are my last blood test readings for my thyroid...

free T4 level= 16 pmol/L


Any advice on the TSH level seems pretty low? I don't have a clue but I'm very symptomatic 🤔 Just want to feel better

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Your TSH level is lowish but the problem could be low vitamin levels. If your metabolism is a little fast then you may not be absorbing vitamins and minerals from your food adequately. Have a look at SeasideSusies posts about vitamins for good advice.

You could find out whether you have thyroid antibodies. You can find out more about these blood tests from Thyroid UK's website.

Another point, don't let the doctors tell you it's anxiety, it gives them a let out clause, not to investigate why you are feeling unwell or help you get back on track. Thyroid imbalance can make it difficult to take things in your stride, things that you would normally deal with easily feel more difficult but the root is thyroid imbalance and low vitamins, not anxiety.

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Naddy in reply to Nanaedake

Iv been trying to tell him that it's not anxiety for years I'm not denying I'm anxious but not to the extent where I'm feeling like this and with the massive goiter I can't miss on my neck it should be investigated surely? Think it's time to change doctors haha

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See my reply to post above yours

Goiter is hypothyroidism. Even autoimmune hypothyroidism "Hashimoto's". What I am not sure is if it is always due to Hashimoto's because doctors do not explain hardly anything. I have had a goiter for the last 15 years. Today finally I am going to have a biopsy... I agree with you; you are not as anxious ... you'd had looked for a Psychiatrist by now. With me, I was told I was depressed... which I am not thanks god. I have been taking supplements, and vitamins gluten free diet etc. Now at 79 I have all sorts of issues all due to neglect from the medical professionals. I cannot help you with your blood tests results but other people in the group know more than me about. Do not despair...

Are you on any thyroid medication? A low TSH is common for people who are being treated already.

It would be helpful if you can give us your current medication and recent blood tests, including ranges - the numbers in brackets.

You may not be on enough medication.

This page from Thyroid UK gives signs and symptoms for hypo, and it includes goitre. Can you ask them to check it out?

If they try to tell you you are depressed, you might like this link, about an American psychiatrist who connects depression to thyroid problems

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Naddy in reply to Anthea55

I'm not on any medication my doctor just keeps saying he will repeat bloods in 2 months Iv bin feeling ill too long for this to be normal 😢

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Naddy in reply to Anthea55

I have nearly all the symptoms constantly 😢 I even have a child with ADHD when I was tested after I had him 5 years ago my bloods where out of Wack and still no treatment Iv suffered miscarriages which is mentioned with thyroid problems I can barely breath I feel like I'm putting all my energy in just to catch my breath I'm lightheaded heavy headed pain all day I just feel rotten 😭 I feel like I'm just getting thobbed off every time I go to the doctoRs

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lucylocks in reply to Naddy


there is a condition called "Central Hypothyroidism" whereby the TSH is low and you get all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I do not know much about it but I have seen it mentioned on this and other forums before.

Another member may come along and offer more advice, if not goggle "Central Hypothyroidism"

Good luck.

Naddy, the first thing you need is a new doctor. Is there someone else you can see? Your current doctor is keeping you ill and that is criminal in my opinion. You have small children and you need energy and health.

lucylocks is right. There are other forms of hypothyroidism. Many GPs only know about primary hypo and are looking for raised TSH. TSH can be low if the pituitary is not working properly and for other reasons.

You need a full test which gives TSH, Free T4 and Free T3. You need tests for antibodies and for vitamins and minerals. These may help to give a fuller picture. If your GP won't do those tests you can get them done privately as many of us do.

Find a new doctor. Print out that list of thyroid symptoms which I gave you a link to earlier, fill it in and take it with you. Ask to be referred to an endocrinologist.

Learn as much as you can. The Thyroid UK website is very helpful.

Come back here for support. Post your blood tests with ranges for people to comment.

Best wishes.

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