unusual pain in my kidney region

Please friends i need your input about this , i have been  feeling an unusual pain in my Kidney area since January 19 . i went to see my Doctor on 23.2.16, he advised for a kidney and liver function test ,which i did on the same day .below is the result.

serum sodium 138(133-150mmol/1)potassium-3.8(3.5-5.0mmol)bicarbonate 29(18-32 mm0l)chloride-101(96-110 mmol) urea-26(10-50 mg/dl)creatinine 0.91(0.5-1.10mg/dl)Total protein 7.9(6.6-8.7g/dl)Albumin 4.6(3.5-5.0mg/dl)Total bilirubin 0.5(0-1mg/dl)conj.bilirubin 0.3(0.0.25)Ast.(SGOT)26(0-37i.u/l)ALT(SGPT)18(0-40.U/L)ALK PHOSPHATE 179(98-279iu/l).

he also advised for an Abdominal ultra sound which i did ,the result said...KIDNEYS;BOTH KIDNEY ARE WITHIN NORMAL SONOGRAPHIC LIMIT,RIGHT KIDNEY MEASURES----106.1MM X49 .1MM,LEFT KIDNEY MEASURES--106.3MMX53.1MM


I still feel the pains and a bitter mouth ,kindly advice on what to do asap.


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  • Hi, you would be better posting your question on a renal forum for advice but obvious thing to do is go back to your GP and insist on further investigations, your bloods and scans have not shown any problems so your doc will have to look for another cause. Good luck.

  • Could be adrenals.....they sit right next to kidneys.

    Mine hurt like hell, (sharp needle hot stitch type pain) if I take to much Levo. 

  • A neighbour had back pain due to her pancreas. Ask your GP about the pancreas too. I didn't see any results of your liver functions just the bilirubin but I remember I had quite a number of other tests.

    Have you checked on the Internet causes of similar pain? If you have continuous pain, then you shouldn't leave a GP without getting a list of further tests

    Good luck in your search. 

  • Thanks Rebec.Have you experienced similar pains? what type of test did you do?am seriously in pains , it comes and goes on  both sides.

  • I had bad results in my liver function tests and my GP told me I might have cancer. I thank the Almighty that the results slowly improved as apparently it was all due to a combination of two types of medicine I was taking (a combination or just because of one of them which I stopped taking altogether). 

    The fact that you have strong pains at the lower back doesn't mean that they are due to organs at the back. They can come from the stomach, the pancreas, the intestines. Have you had an ultrasound of the stomach area and/or a CT scan? Ask you doctor to be urgently sent to have them or at least one of them. 

  • Sorry, I forgot you had the ultrasound of the abdomen, but what about a CT scan?

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