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Dr Alyssa Burns Hill and Saliva results

Thank you to everyone who kindly replied to my previous messages.  I am wondering if anyone has been to see Dr Burns Hill, I see that she is closely linked to Thyroid UK and I am considering booking a full hormone test and a consultation with her but it would be good to hear from people who have seen her before I spend any money.

I received the results of my saliva sample and they are far from normal, would anyone know how to interpret my results.  I went to my GP with them but she refused to interpret them stating that she did not know what she was looking at.  I have no idea whether she is being truthful or just awkward.  Anyway results below:

Sample 1 post awakening:     7.69              Range 7.45-32.56

Sample 2  +4-5 hours:          19.39 High     Range 2.76-11.31

Sample 3   +4-5 hours            7.07              Range 1.38-7.45

Sample 4  Prior to sleep         0.94              Range 0.83-3.86

DHEA                                         0.241High   Range 0.015-0.150

Any help re Dr Burns Hill and an interpretation of my saliva results would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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I have had a remote consultation with her, she does telephone, Skype and FaceTime. I did Genova's Menopause Plus test and needed interpretation as it is quite involved. She explained what the results mean, made recommendations for supplements and I will be having a follow up consultation. If you would like to send me a private message I'll be happy to talk some more.

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Dear katemimi,

I did go to see Dr Burns Hill and can only say that I spent a lot of money for not a lot of help. She also gave me such a long list of supplements to take which would have cost around £300 per month (for which she also receives commission) it was a very blanket approach to my Hashimotos and not a targeted one, ie specific supplements.

It was some five years ago that I saw her and have since learnt a great deal about my condition and that was helped by Dr Myhill who is also actually a GP she has a great website and is extremely helpful but alas very busy.

When I took my conclusions from Dr Burns Hill and Dr Myhill the Burns Hill to my Endocrinologist and GP some months ago to show them my history Burns Hill opinion wasn't received at all well, whereas as Dr Myhill's opinion was received with interest and taken notice of.

All best wishes,


Thank you for that information, it is sad that we need to research this topic and try and find a good practitioner, mistakes are costly. Thank you for getting back to me.


Hello, I had some non face to face consultations with Dr Burns Hill some years ago now and I agree with bear 10, a lot of many for not a lot. In fact she totally lost contact with me for some time and was impossible to reach. She is obsessed with supplements making everything better and actually tried to get me to stop my Hydrocortisone for my adrenals which was a very wrong move as I've now been diagnosed with Addison's disease. I would stay well clear! Best wishes.


Oh dear, thats not good at all,  thank you for letting me know, I shall be doing more research.  Sorry you've had such a bad experience.  Best Wishes, Caroline


Am waiting saliva test to do from blue horizon ... I think my adrenals aren't working .... Shake like mad at night !! 


Good luck, I am still searching for someone to explain my results to me but its hard work trying to find anyone here in UK.


I'm not sure specifics about named clinicians are allowed to be discussed on the forums, these should be PMs. 

I'm planning to speak to Alyssa Burns Hill as through the ThyroidUK website she offers specific advice on the saliva test. I've been to 2 different private, more functional doctors, and they only spoke very vaguely about the tests. So my experience is that its gold dust to get anyone who is willing to comment on them. 

Within the NHS these tests are not acknowledged at all, I've tried to talk to a couple of Endocrinologists about them, and I'm pretty clear they know zero about them. 


Yes it is a minefield trying to source a good Doctor as mistakes will be costly so need to research practitioner and choose wildly, Good luck


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