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Connection between Candesartan, Testosterone and Vitamini D

I suspect I am losing the plot here, but, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low testosterone levels. Last year I was on Ramipril 10mg, Simvastatin and Testim gel. At the end of last year my Doctor wasn't happy with my BP so changed me to Candesartan 8mg, Rusovastatin and still the Testim. At this point my Testosterone level was stable at about 13 with using the gel. After a couple of months I had a blood test which found that my vitimin D was low (never had that before), my Testosterone was down to 5. My GP put me on Vit D supplement and told me to increase the amount of Testim gel. 

Am I bonkers here or could there be a connection (or cause and effect) between either Candesartan or Rusovastatin and low levels of Testosterone and / or Vitamin D?

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Yorkie66, while I don't know whether or not there is any association, I had vitD and folate deficiency without being on any of the drugs you are taking.  I've not been tested for testosterone levels and cholesterol and BP were normal at the time.


If you are taking anti -depressants of any kind they will cancel out any thyroxine you take.  No-one needs statins of any kind, more people with low cholesterol have heart problems than with high.

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Look into the 'Dangerous Statins' Yorkie66, any  medication ending with the name statin is usually a statin. It can bring on diabettes, especially in women of menopausal age, cause kidney failure and cause heart attacks, yes! heart attacks would you believe. My Mum was on a statin, she now has kidney failure. Now off of the dam things. Statins are a big con and make megga bucks for it's makers. 

Just google 'Dangerous Statins' and choose from many websites. 

Many people are opting to come off of Statins now. 

A Lady I talked to whose Mum had really bad Dementia came off of statins and is now back to almost her normal self, same happened to my poor Mum in Law. 

My Husband refused to go onto them. 


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