I have been given Testim 50mg gel testosterone cream from my Gyno, due to bladder tiredness and menopausal symptoms. Does anyone have any experience with this. She said it would by pass thyroid due to being put on the skin, ie by passing the liver. Yet it says not to be used by women????? I am very skeptical, any feed back would be appreciated. It does say that it can alter the levels of thyroid hormones in the body but that the thyroid function is not affected by these monor changes in levels of thyroid hormones. Very confused.

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  • Dont know anything about that drug but why don't you ask your pharmacist and see what they say? They are usually very helpful.

  • Thanks Rod I have since spoken with my gynacologist

  • I know a little bit. It used to be that women could be prescribed a testosterone patch called Intrinsa, but I have a feeling it's been withdrawn from the market due to EU law. Women suffering from low testosterone are supposed to just grin and bear it (yes ladies, we all need a small amount of this "male" hormone. It's made in the ovaries and adrenal glands). Testosterone deficiency is probably more common than we think because it just isn't tested for.

    So. The reason it says not for women is because it isn't licenced for use by women. However, it can be prescribed. I'm thinking that what you have there might be quite a high dose - presumably you've been told to use just a tiny bit?

    It should actually support your thyroid function, rather than make things worse. Testosterone suppresses oestrogen, which many of us have too much of (contrary to popular opinion!) in later life.

  • I noticed this site which said it had been withdrawn for commercial reasons:



  • Hello LilyMay and thank you very much for the above information. You are spot on, have contacted my gynacologist and she explained about the license etc. I have been told by her to use a very small amount daily every day ie one tube of 5g gel. She will be checking on my levels. I have also researched and had good feed back, she has quite a lot of ladies using it and finding it beneficial. I have just learnt that it is produced by the Adrenals and having felt that mine are not functioning at their best feel that this could be the boost that I need. I feel better on the hrt patches than when I come off. Will keep you informed. Many thanks.

  • Sounds good, much better to check up than either not to use the drug or to use it and be worried about it. Good luck with the treatment.

  • Many thanks Fruitandnutcase, best to be safe than sorry.

  • Hi Marmaris, Im following your post with interest. Im post menopause and saw <senior consultant> last week regarding Hashimotos Hypothyroiditis...they took blood and I wont get the results for some time. the bottom line is if Im in range I wont hear anything for about a month. I began to have severe insomnia over 2 years ago, with dreadful panic attacks and anxiety that wakes me from sleep every 15 - 20 mins, I have feelings of breathlessness and dread, I cry a lot and have to get out of bed and go and make a drink, this seems to be neverending and I just dont know what to do..I was diagnosed in 1997 with Hashimotos..I dont want to take meds for sleep as Ive tried about 8 or 9 with no good results, I managed to sleep only 1.5 or 2 hrs with meds..can anyone relate to this?

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  • I would like to ask you a question. I have been researching Testosterone for women for some time. My partner (male) has just been prescribed the male version (Testim Gel ) and he gets a 5ml tube which contains 50mg of Testosterone, this whole tube is used daily. This is a medium male dose. If he has to go up a notch then he will be using two of these tubes therefore 100mg of Testosterone, that is a high male dose. Females are supposed to take a much much smaller amount as the Intrinsa is no longer available this is currently thought to be a large pea sized amount of the gel or enough to cover a 20p piece. Quite an inaccurately calculated dose but hugely smaller than a whole tube. There may be reasons why you have been prescribed what is seemingly a high dose. I'm interested to know if you are really taking 50mg of Testosterone a day.

    I have just found the correct dose for females it is 0.5-1.0ml of the gel daily (5g-10mg) of Testosterone which at maximum is 1/10 of the male dose.

  • Thanks Rod.

    I think it must have been this that confused me: ema.europa.eu/docs/en_GB/do...

    My OH's endo is being incredibly cautious about prescribing an alternative. But luckily the pharmacy managed to source Intrinsa patches from somewhere recently (probably down the back of the sofa ;)) However, I also found this: thebms.org.uk/newsitem.php?...

    So I don't suppose she'll be getting any more once these are finished.

  • I can't take testosterone directly as it gives me "roid rage", so I have DHEA instead (whne my body has the right ingredients, I make testosterone very well). What I found helped my urinary incontinence at menopause was estriol. But I'm sure it depends what you are deficient in. The hormones need to be in the correct balance.

  • Thanks for that Angel_of _the_North My Endo has also given me estriol pessaries for that.

  • My testosterone levels are below range and the endo told me that they don't treat women with testosterone. Its so frustrating when we are told different things can you buy it on line ?

  • Hello Emidjemal they can give it to women in fact they had their own brand that was taken off the market for commercial reasons they lost their license that is why we now how to use the male version but in a lot smaller doses. This is what my Gyno told me and she treats many women with it because a lot of us suffer from low testosterone levels. Could you try another GP and give them the facts?

  • Hi marmaris, I also use testogel, and when reading leaflet saw not to be used on women, panic, phoned gyni she said it was fine in small doses, I am also on oestrogel and have mirena coil fitted, also on thyroxine 75 daily, you are right about levels, I came of hrt for a while asked my gp to test thyroid while off it and as normal wouldn't, somy gyni did it and my tsh ws high and my t4 was low, I have been really sick for 3 years on and off, now I have Ménière's disease, fantastic. Not much help I know,but that's what I was told. Good luck.

  • Hello Scampi1 its all swings and roundabouts. I have tried several hrts over the last 5 years and finally settled with patches and trying testogel. Where do you put the gel? I know it says on the arm for the men I have been putting it on my thigh (think that is what the gyno said). Sorry to hear about your Menieres disease (French), hope things get better for you. I have not seen any vast improvement yet but I am going to keep on trying.

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