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Doctors visit

Ok so my husband bloods came back really bad from BH with a B12 of 100 plus folate and ferritin deficiency and TPO antibodies . He had a docs appointment last night and I will give her the benefit of the doubt she's running lots of tests however she has pretty much discounted thyroid problems and when I pointed out the TPO result together with low T4 and high T3 although within range could still be showing a problem she asked me if if I was a doctor, clinician or pharmacist (as if that should make a difference because after all I can read and evaluate) when I replied no she cut me off and ignored all I had said ... She is doing all the same blood tests again and although she's taken a copy of BH results she did not want to see their report

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So apart from more blood tests - what treatment did she suggest ? What was the TPO result - and the others ? Could you post them with ranges. Sounds as if he needs treatment - and quickly....

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I've posted his results completely discounted thyroid saying all was normal and that TPO mean it would develop in the future ... Even discounted his lanzoprazol as the cause for B12 deficiency


Sorry - am I missing something - where have you posted the results ? Lanzoprazole is well documented as causing problems with B12. The PIL says that is only an 8 week course I believe.


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