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Visit to Doctor

My doc is very pleasant and appreciated the notes i took along with me today, outlining what I have been doing since the last time I saw her in January, ie taking NP Thyroid and going Gluten/Dairy/Sugar free .

She realised I was feeling much better and could see I had lost weight, however she will not prescribe NDT as she is ' not allowed to'. No point arguing as she told me how risk averse everybody is becoming but they are now allowed to carry out more thyroid tests and can prescribe T3 albeit to patients with mental problems ! When I go for blood draw next week I will see which tests she has asked for. Hopefully TSH,FT3 & FT4, Vit B, Ferritin, Folate and Vitamin D. Also Full Blood Count, Cholesterol & Glucose.

She has given me the name of somebody she knows at a Chiropractor in the next town who takes NDT. If she can't help me then there is also a private doctor in the same town who may prescribe. Failing that I am to go back to her and she will try and think of something else. What a sorry state of affairs.

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Lidoplace, I'm glad you're feeling so much better on NatureThroid. Won't the cost of the private consultation and prescription be more expensive than continuing to source your own?


Hi Clutter - I was trying to set up a support system in UK. If I am unable to continue travelling to US I will need to rely on NHS or private here, for my meds and testing


Lidoplace, you can source meds online and order private thyroid tests if you find the private route too expensive. If you post a question members will private message you sources for NatureThroid. NHS will mostly only prescribe Levothyroxine and won't always test FT4 and FT3 if TSH is in range. You can obtain finger prick tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Thankyou clutter - I am using NP Thyroid by Acella, so would have to get a private prescription for it here to send to the importers.


No - you don't. You can buy it yourself without a prescription from any pharmacy in the world that will sell it to you - so long as that pharmacy is outside the UK.

E.g. One current offer:

NP Thyroid Tabs 60 mg (1 Grain) 100 Acella $ 62.84

It is, of course, much better to have the backing and support of the medical establishment. Any form of self-medication (even if it is only doing the buying yourself) has its pitfalls - but it you have to do it, you do it.


Hi Helvella

Thankyou that's interesting . I had to have a prescription in Florida for Armour or NP Thyroid.Can you pm me where that offer was please?


If you were buying NP Thyroid within the UK (given you are living in the UK), then you would have to have a prescription. As soon as you are buying from another country, everything is different. The very Act of Parliament that restricts, also opens up personal import.

However, this is not always true. It would be illegal to import any desiccated thyroid medicine, from anywhere, into France.

We sometimes see residents of the USA buying without prescription from UK pharmacies products that are prescription-only in both the UK and the USA.


I am in the same situation with my GP. I told him what I was doing. Despite having multiple infections when I went to see him, he could see how much better I am on t3 but he is not allowed to prescribe it.

I'm glad you found such a good doctor even though she isn't allowed to prescribe what you need. Hopefully with more doctors like this there will be more pressure on the CCGs to allow prescription of medicines that work.

Carolyn x


Carolyn, from what my doctor said he should be able to give you a presciption for T3 now - i`m not sure how stringent the rules of prescribing it are but it`s worth another try

best wishes


It depends on the CCG. Mine won't allow it at the moment. Possibly in the future though. I'll keep asking :)


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