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I have today been to visit the GP (I almost cancelled last night as I thought it would be a waste of time)! I spoke very calmly about the fact that I am feeling much better than I was but still feel that I could feel better and asked if I could try an increase in my Levothyroxine. The GP said no straight away as my results are in normal range. I explained that I have done a lot of research and for optimal health I would like to get my TSH levels under 1 and my T4 levels in the upper quadrant. She still said no. I then asked if I could leave the pulse article with her to read and I would come back and she said that she would not have time to read it!!!! I was then a bit stumped!! The GP then asked if I had looked into the HRT that she wants to prescribe me and I explained that I had looked into it and didn't think that would help especially as I have had the test that shows that I am not going through the menopause. I explained that I have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid condition and would like to trial an increase. She then said that she would give me a trial for 4 months and would re-test in September however she wants me to know that it is not her medical judgement that I need it. She also said that she did not want to suppress my thyroid and if my levels were too low in September, she will stop the increase as it can cause heart problems and bone thinning. Even after this information, I came out of the surgery quite pleased that at least I can give it a go to see if it makes any difference. The issue that I have is that I have been using Actavis 50mcg and she has prescribed me 25mcg to add to these - I have contacted lots of chemists this morning and no-one has these in stock and the wholesalers do not have any!! I have tried another brand before but found that this one suited me better. Is there any problem with taking the 25mcg in a different brand or should I try and stick to the same? 

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Well done in arguing your case.  4 months is a decent trial.

Actavis don't manufacture 25mcg.  I'm fine on Actavis plus Wockhardt 25mcgs.

Thank you Clutter :) I will give that a go.

Wow well done on getting an increase.... i have the same dilemma next Tuesday.  I'm going armed with info, as also under medicated which i didn't realise till seeking help on here (thank you guys) I'm even going to a different doc for help.

good luck with your `trial'

Thank you Sjep13. Fingers crossed your GP will listen to you. Good luck :)

If you would rather stick to the same brand, take 50mcg one day then 100mcg the next, keep alternating like that and it will average 75mcg per day. 

I do that with my dose. My old dose gave me 3 x 100mcg packs on my prescription and 1 x 50mcg pack, I was alternating 200/150 to give 175mcg, GP  said to do that rather than 'mess about with three different lots of tablets'. My dose is now 150mcg daily and I run out of the 50s a lot quicker than the 100s. Rather than get into yet another pointless discussion with my new GP I just alternate 200/100 to give 150mcg when I run out of the 50s.

You don't have to stick rigidly to the daily dose, you can medicate once a week if you like as long as you take the the correct amount, that works because of the long half life of Levo (6 days).

Thank you SeasideSusie, I didn't realise that you could change the daily dose like that.

I have already been and collected the Wockhardt 25mcgs from the chemist and will see how I go with these.

Get a pill cutter and cut the Activis in half ( Tesco sell a good one for £2.50). You may need to ask for your new prescription to be changed to 50 mcg (eg 2x50mcg ) ensuring you get adequate amount but if you explain to the surgery it shouldn't be a problem. I tried mixing and it upset me. x

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