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Anyone tried various NDTs?

I have been on Armour for 12 months and was absolutely fine when up to my optimal dose. I changed to Nature Throid due to costs 2 weeks ago and am now starting to go downhill again. I was on 3g Armour and I am also on 3g NT. Both NT and Armour have 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3, although slightly different fillers.

I know everyone is different but wondered if anyone else had been great on Armour then bad on Nature Throid and had then found a good cheaper alternative to Armour which worked?

I have just purchased Thyroid S and will give that a go when it arrives. I may just have to accept the cost of Armour to fell well again. Thank you.

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I think this is a question of individuality and you're unlikely to find a panacea. I have swapped from Acella to Nature Throid without issue quite recently; NT being hypo allergenic I thought worth trying first as a replacement and it seems fine. I am on a combo NDT T3 dose however.

A wise one will be along soon and walk you through how long you need to try Thyroid S for before giving up on that...

Hope you feel better soon :)


Thank you. I am gradually going down hill so before I swapped when I posted I was told I could just swap from 3g to 3g and all should be well. I am getting worse daily so have started taking some remaining Armour this lunchtime which will last about a week and I hope that Thyroid S will work. As I am in so much pain I have also ordered some more Armour today so should have covered everything if need be. See which arrives first!! Thanks again.


Hi Wedding2000,

I followed the same path as you. Great on Armour, not good on Nature Throid so switched to Thyroid S. The Thyroid S is suiting me much better than the Nature Throid so fingers crossed it'll be the same for you - so much easier on the bank balance!


Is Thyroid S the same as NDT?


Yes Thyroid S is a type of NDT see link below tells the the different types and quantities of T3/T4:


Thank you. I hope so. I have ordered 1 more batch of Armour just in case and see which one turns up first as I am desperate now, all my legs and lymph nodes have swollen back up so I don't believe it has the same amounts of T3 and T4 as Armour! The symptoms I have are what happened when I was on levo. I will definitely stay with Thyroid S if it works for me. Thank you for your input.


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