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Help my blood test but im so unwell

Hello all iv been fighing aganst somthing but I dont dont know what , iv had some illness for over past few months , my glans or up and down 3 times a week there swollen under chin and side of neck i dont have fibro and underactive thyroid (thats at good level at moment ) im low in energy feel sick and very tired , aching and sore my throat has been sore of past 2 weeks , been to the gp 3 times over the 7 weeks iv had bloods done and they say there normal , im out of options , iv got coldsores around my mouth they been there 4weeks coming and going there so painful , iv had a bladder infection in past 2 weeks completed treatment thats clered up now the gp says but I feel so ill , my last bloods was ,

hemoglobin 13.8 g/dL{11.5-16.5}

White bllod count 10.8 10^9L {4-11}

Platelet 244 10^9L {150-450}

Red blood 463 10^12/L{3.5-5.8}

Haematocrit 0.405 {0.37-0.47}

Mean cell vol 88fl {84-102 }

Mean cell haemoglobin level 39pg (28-33)

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 34.1 g/dl (30-35)

Neutrophil count 7.2(10^9/l(2-7.5)

Lymphocyte count2.710^9l (1-4)

monocyte count 0.6 10^9/l(0.1-1.5)

Eosinophil count 0.1 10^9/l (0.04-04)

Basophil count 0.10^9/l (0-0.15)

Hope some one can make heads are tails of these thank you xx

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That was just a FBC - or full Blood Count - nothing to do with Thyroid. I would suggest the following tests : TSH - FT4- FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg and the B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD.

If your GP is not cooperative then you can have them done privately through Thyroid UK.


You have clearly had an infection of some sort, and my best guess would be glandular fever, also known as Epstein Barr Disease or EBV. It's renowned for hanging around for ages, but goes away eventually.

When last I looked the test for EBV was not super reliable, and you had too wait till you had been ill for at least three months. It's most common among teenagers but my ex was 38, and we had to fight for a diagnosis for at least six months. My 12 yo son also had it, but his blood tests remained negative throughout.

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They say there's not glandular fever present in my blood even tho that's what they thoght I had . Thank you for your reply .I just want to get right now fed up of being so ill and sick of the cold sores 6 in 2 weeks now x

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As I say, the blood test isn't always positive, especially early in the disease. But if it is EBV at least you know that you will recover - eventually. Whatever it is please don't drive yourself too hard. That way lies chronic ill health. Lots of rest, only gentle exercise, good nutritious food.


Hi Shelly, you said that you don't have underactive thyroid. What were your blood results? What is the "good" level, because it might not be good for you.

Jo xx

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I was struck by what you said about your thyroid being a good level too - do you have a blood test result for TSH? FT4?

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Hi love I has an increase in thyroxin I'm now taking 150 a day . This was 3 months back . The docters say my levels or ok .

I wondered if my blood fbc looked ok to you all .

. Thank yiu for your time to reply all my love x


There's none marked * out of range, so nothing for a GP to see/remedy.

Have a look at the tests Marz recommends - "full bloods" doesn't include Thyroid tests - ask your GP for a printout, "OK levels" is meaningless.

Upping your Levo makes extra demands on your resources, and if your vitamins and iron are low, medication will have nothing to work with.

btw Cold sores are associated with low B12 - don't underestimate the importance of vital minerals!

Jane :D


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