im such an idiot.....candida

had pizza last night (naughty i know)

had severe cramps after

started thinking gluten

bad nights sleep because of it so was thinking while in bed

2010 i was seeing a homeopathic dr for Hidradenitis

she did some allergy tests and haddock and candida flagged up

i stared treatment for candida and them mum went downhill so i stopped taking the meds and started eating bad (more of a grab and go type of eat) i spent all my time at mums

things went from bad to worse and we lost mum

all the stress and depression i just forgot about candida

first blood test was in 2011 for tthyroid TSH was 9 and no treatment

bloods in 2013 TSH 10.8 started treatment went downhill fast

back then i was taking oregano oil and caprylic acid but didnt do well with caprylic acid

ordered oregano oil to start is there anything else i should be taking?

allso trying to cut out all gluten from now

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  • I had to stop eating ALL sugar, including fruit, when I was told that I had candida.

  • my triggers were cheese and bread, i was ok with fruit but foods containing sugar id get really bad and was told to avoid mushrooms

  • I don't have cheese, bread or mushrooms, and also have to avoid potatoes.

    I cook everything from scratch now, but don't plan to live like this for the rest of my life!!

  • Hello Mandy, sorry to hear about your mum : < - no wonder you feel so depressed and stressed.

    That is a great start with the Candida treatment but what about a really good quality probotic? Also maybe think of eating more garlic.

    Oh also if you have milk, you might want to cut that down as well.

    Take care

  • thank you kitten but this was in 2010, but never really gotten over it

    i must get probiotics too

    so far i have 300mg garlic, wormwood tincture and 150mg oregano oil and 750mg turmeric

    i dont really use dairy now since slimming world, small amount of milk in my morning drink and thats it, the odd yogurt for whn i get a need for sugar

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