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Candida- anyone had any luck on a regime?

Having read Dr Peatfields chapter on Candida I did the spit test, and as I thought, yep,seems I have it . I want to tackle this BUT there is a massive range of stuff out there!

I have read old threads on the subject, and think I will go for the 3 weeks of Fluconazole, the diet and probiotics.

Has anyone else done this, and what was the most effective way? Or am I better of with anti fungals ( Capyllic Oil and Oregano) rather than the phramaceuticals?

Links and recommended probiotics welcome! I have read that Ecobalance is good but have to have a look, also the Fivelac? I read that the sort of probiotics you get from health food shops aren't good enough so would like to get a really good one if I'm going to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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I did it with the anti fungals and chorella and garlic. Ging


If you're too embarassed to go to a doctor you can buy diflucan here from this licensed U.K pharmacy without a prior prescription (as long as you're not in the U.S) if you do their online consultation


Hi I had candida for 4 yearsI stopped eating anything that had yeast or yeast extract andy stott me getting candida I have recently found out is that all my symptoms off thyroid n adrenal fatigue were the cause of omeprozole my acid tablet I stopped taking these and all my symptoms corrected themselves

and I can now eat anything with yeast in I did not link this problem with anything else but obviously it was hope this helps good luck


Now your symptoms have been corrected does that mean you are no longer hypothyroid?


I was never hypo I had all symptoms but tsh was all normal it took as year of different test to me lookin up online all my meds and it was my acid tablet cousin everything


Hi. I have had candida for many years. Have been on diets without yeast, without sugars, no alcohol etc etc with no real effect.

The key thing is it needs to be treated with anti fungal medicines but ones is not enough. I have been taken them monthly for over a year before I finally was off the candida. Plus it is important to check if the candida is in your bowels.

I am still sensitive to getting candida and regularly do a local treatment. Antibiotics are one sure way of getting it back as well.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I've had candida and found that after I had been medicated and then eat kefir yogurt and also make the ginger and lemon kefir drink it really helps. Kefir is better than anything you can buy in the shops as it has heaps more probiotics than anything else available. Hope that you can get some as I swear by it! :)



I am at present on a two week course of fluconazole, just going into my second week, i also take two 5 billion acidophilis/probiotic supplements a day and live yoghurt too.

I thought my symptoms were Hypo, but i'm not so sure now,although i do have a Hypo Daughter,Sister, & Nephew, but I am undiagnosed.

I Think i am going through the yeast die off at present, i have severe stomach cramps and a lot of goodge in my eyes, but the brain fog and tiredness and many other symptoms have lessened,

i have been suffering with this for about 15 years, and finally diagnosed myself....Doctors dont really accept candida as with hypo over here, I had a systemic yeast infection,(so there really was nothing visible, as i didn't have it down-below) which means it was poisoning my system, which has resulted in my becoming agoraphobic,hooked on anti-depressants,and doctors treating me like a hypochondriac because i kept having to go back to them.

Hope you get rid of it soon, and keep going back to the Doc's if it hasn't cleared, sometimes you need to be on medication for a bit longer.



This worked for me for systemic candida. A strict 3 month healthy diet with nothing yeast-containing (gluten-free essentially), no alcohol and next to no sugar (refined or fruit). I had a daily teaspoon of coconut oil and anti-candida probiotic capsules and managed sweet cravings with strips of dried coconut and occasional squares of dark chocolate. I also lost 10lbs! I'm now fine provided I eat a very low sugar diet with lots of veggies / salads and drink plenty of water and avoid processed / yeast containing foods as far as practical.

Specifically: natural plain yoghurt; very little refined sugar (including minimal alcohol - sadly - I save it for special occasions now), not too much fruit (blueberries and raspberries, apples and not too ripe bananas are OK for me), ginger tea a few times a week (great for hypo chills too), anti-candida probiotic capsules. I have a small handful of natural almonds as a late afternoon snack as it is my weak point in the day.

If I over-indulge on bread, alcohol, or take-aways I up the yoghurt and water for a few days and / or have a bowl of porridge. I have small amounts of fruit most days and a bar of 85% chocolate (so rich that you can't overindulge) does me a week. I also sprinkle a desert spoon of granola on yoghurt as a "pudding".

This all might sound expensive but it isn't if you shop around and - for example - a small box of granola lasts me over a month. You are saving a lot by avoiding processed foods and booze etc. The probiotics are the most expensive bit but at c£7.50/month it is worth it. I try and follow this 6 days a week but I relax the rules if I'm eating out and I'm still partial to the occasional large slice of cake!


Losing 10 lbs seems worth it if nothing else :)


Hi Cal1971

I had thrush for nearly 3 years and my GP kept saying it was because of my raised blood sugar due to diabetes. They kept giving me Canistan Once but it wasn't getting rid of the problem, and it came back after a week or two. So asked my GP for slow release (I think it was flucanzol) that I took for 1 week, and I removed all food stuffs that contained yeast plus mushrooms. I also noted that removing all breads, even the healthy ones recommended for diabetics (whole grains) were triggering my blood sugar spikes and affecting my diabetes. I also eat organic probiotic yoghurt for breakfast and get YES! lubricants from Holland and Barrett to help with menopausal symptoms down below. You also need to cut out sugar because yeast infections feed on sugar, so anything containing refined carbohydrates (cakes, bread, pasta, cereals) will affect you.

I hope this helps.


I'm not menopausal ( yet! ) Lol :)


Thanks folks- I have ordered the following and plan to do this regime....

Take a floconazole once a week for three weeks, and in between take Total Candida Defence . I am also going to supplement this with Love Life ( 30 billion) pro and prebiotic.

I have been on a wheat free diet for a while so that's no biggie for me,as I have wheat free pasta and no bread / wheat anyway.

The sugar might be an issue, but will swap my morning cereal for porridge and banana :)

Also the caffeine, but I have reduced my intake and don't take sugar in coffee.

Well, here goes- wish me luck...lets see what happens!!!


Hiya Cal1971,

Make sure the banana is not over ripe as it will break down to sugar very quickly in your body. A good option is summer berries as they have a lower GL and release their natural fruit sugars slower than bananas.

Good luck.


Hi, this is my 1st time to post on the forum though I've been lurking for some months now :)

I've had thyroid symptoms for some years now, not as severe as some patients but enough to affect my quality of life. A lot of my family have diagnosed thyroid disorders, coeliac disease and pernicious anaemia.

In an attempt to improve my own health I've been gradually changing what and how I eat for the past 4 years.

After 25 years of being diagnosed with migraine headaches and virtually lliving on painkillers I found out from a homeopathic practicioner that I was allergic to milk and dairy products and that my 'migraine' headaches were actually caused by my sinuses being constantly inflamed and congested - 3 days after cutting them from my diet my headaches disappeared and have never returned.

This started me on the path of trying to resolve my other health issues. Mainly exhaustion, always feeling cold, palpitations and anxiety especially on waking, tiring easily, sore joints, PMS, constipation etc...

After years of negative coeliac results I decided to go gluten free anyway. I gradually noticed a huge improvement in digestion, various cramps and discomfort went away and i was not tired after eating any more although general exhaustion remained

Since entering my 40s I've struggled to function at what I'd consider a reasonable level. GPs are happy put all my symptoms down to peri-menopause, mild depression and anxiety and lack of exercise (I'm overweight by about 30lbs). The few thyroid tests I've had done were normal and I had not educated myself enough to know what was or wasn't normal nor to ask what had been included in the tests and get the results.

7 weeks ago I visited a kinesiologist on the recommendation of a few friends, to find out if I had any underlying allergies or intolerences that might be causing my symptoms. My plan was to rmove anything from my diet that was causing me a problem and then getting appropriate blood tests for any symptoms that remained after the diet. The kinesiologist told me that I had a longstanding candida infection which surprised me as I don't have any external symptoms. However I though it was worth giving the diet a go to see if it helped at all.

As I am gluten free the yeast free breads that are allowed on the diet were not suitable for me so I substituted rice cakes and homemade flatbreads. I was sugar free, grain free, caffeine free, yeast free, mushroom and dairy free.All processed foods were banned Restricted fruits, most veg except sweet potatoes and other starchy veg. I realised that I was eating paleo and as the weeks went on I found it quite easy to stick to. There's no limit on how much you can eat although I didn't feel any urge to overeat. I supplemented with Omega oils which I'm still doing as I continue to improve my diet and refine it to ensure I'm getting optimum nutrition from my food.

The diet lasted 6 weeks and I'll probably continue with a paleo lifestyle from here on. Many of my symptoms have decreased - palpations much less and only ocassional anxiety on waking;energy levels are better though I still get exhausted easily and still sometimes need to nap. Best results were feeling comfortably warm again even in hands and feet, better quality of sleep and chronic left hip pain that I'd had for 25 years with the diagnosis of 'well, it's not arthritis' has almost gone.

I did not use any anti-fungal medications or supplements except for the omega oils and making sure to include onions and garlic into at least one meal a day (which I normally do anyway)

I think that removing sugar and grains from my diet was the key to achieving such good results.

I hope this is helpful



My best friend's cousin had candida and she went to a natural path dr who helped her completely. I will see what they gave her. My son had SIBO which is similar and he had to take this com pun red medication 3 xs a day for 2 wks. we haven't gone for a retest yet so i have to wonder if that worked. Did they say what caused yours?


Hashismom, I don't know if you realised but this is a 3 year old thread. You might not get an answer from the original poster.


hahahaha omg no!!! i didn't look. I guess i better humanbean!!!

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