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Feeling great on Paleo / Candida diet!

After having no luck with any meds over the last year I have been feeling worse and worse. I saw Dr P again a few weeks ago and started on cortef. Been on the cortef about 10 days and felt a bit better. But on monday this week I started eating a paleo diet and taking anti fungals. I have felt a bit bit crappy with flu like symptoms and aching all over but...... I have lost 6.5lbs (and not being over weight that's a lot!) I have loads of energy, my skin looks bright, my puffy eyes and dark circles have gone, my ears are clearing, my mood is better. My husband says I'm like a new person!

I have know I have had very high candida for about 5 years but I've never done anything about it, till I think I finally hit rock bottom. I have been a strict veggie for about 22 years so it not been easy for me to to this and I've had food phobias too but it is so worth everything I have but in to feel this good and I'm sure its only going to get better!

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Very happy for you gemmac!

Can I please ask you what anti fungals you are taking?



Hi Ocean, I'm taking 150mg of fluconazole once a week and metagenics ultra probioplex ib. After 3 weeks I'm going to take nutri caprylic acid x


I started on the anticandida diet a few years ago, I found it was also import to continue pacing myself, I found some benefit from it. I have just started going Paleo diet as well. I’m starting gradually , so , that is not too much shocked to the system and whilst I eat up carbohydrates, slowly! I seem to be feeling some benefits already , although it was only one week ago . I’m eating less than half of the amount of carbohydrate that I was eating.

The first three days were fairly difficult , but I had a craving for cherry and cinnamon tea . whether that helped or whether psychological I don’t know!

I’m sorry , I find it difficult to read or write much (telephone calls are easier for me) . but if you wish to ask more I will try to answer.

I was also fairly vegetarian when I started Paleo!


How did you manage to get the prescription for fluconazole and how long will you be taking it for? I have chronic yeast infections including a reasonably obvious presentation with oral and oesophageal thrush and I cannot get my doctor prescribe a proper course of treatment. I would really appreciate hearing some more about your experience.


Nystatin is a safer antifungal and kills ONLY candida. Perhaps you could try that first if your doctor would prescribe. Some doctors would offer nystatin whenever they prescribed antibiotics to prevent yeast infections.


Will fluconazole reach the tubes inside my head and down there? I have doubts about that. I know that fluconazole is hard on the liver, but if you've felt generally, whole body unwell from this, you would want to whatever was going to work!


poing, here's some information about fungus infection. As you can see, if it were in your brain, you would be very, very sick as in meningitis. Candida overgrowth in the gut is the usual cause and that's where nystatin would be effective.

Fungal infections within the body

Fungal infections of the skin, nails, vagina and mouth are quite common, but are rarely serious and don't usually spread deeper into the body. If you are otherwise healthy and have a normal immune system, it is rare for fungi to affect internal organs. However, fungal infections of the heart, lung, brain and other organs sometimes do occur. These internal fungal infections can be serious and, sometimes, life-threatening.

Various types of fungus can cause internal infections. For example:

Aspergillosis most commonly affects the lungs, but sometimes infects other organs.

Cryptococcosis is uncommon, but can cause meningitis.

Histoplasmosis is rare, but can cause serious infections of the lung and other organs.

You are more at risk of developing an internal fungal infection if your immune system does not work properly. For example, if you are taking chemotherapy, if you have HIV/AIDS, etc. Some people with a poor immune system are prescribed regular antifungal medication to prevent serious fungal infections from developing.


No I'm not saying it's in my brain, but it's in my eustacian tubes, which interferes with my hearing. It's in every mucous membrane, and was giving me a slight temperature until I was given fluconazole 10 days ago. I've only been off the fluconazole for two days and hope that I'm not getting another temperature because it feels like I might be. I'm also not sleeping well and keep waking with a churning tummy or a gasp - I guess that's something to do with my body trying to fight it off. I think we don't all fit into the "superficial" or "super serious" boxes when it comes to fungal infection, but I am somewhere in between.


As I understand Flucanzole is hard on the liver, having problems my Dr will only give me this in low dose seldom, will pay to check this out.



I was advised to take the fluconozole by Dr P and bought it from amazon for £2 per 150mg pack. You can buy it in boots or other chemists but it would be a lot more money. I'm taking 1 150mg once a week. I have only took it once along with the high strenght probiotics. Its working my sinus and ears are clearing and TMI but I'm forever having to clear my throat and can feel my sinuses and ears clearing!

ThankfulWanyana thanks for your reply how did you find giving up being veggie? I don't mind eating meat but I'm put off with the texture in my mouth. How long did you take suppliments for candida for? The probiotics are costing me £50 a month so hope its not for a long time!


Thanks gemmac.


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