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Candida and steriods how do I finally get rid?

Hi everyone I've been in a pickle with thyroid adrenal problems for long time trying to put the pieces of my puzzle together 2 years with terrible support from the nhs. I was given high doses of antibiotics after birth of baby and I went downhill from there.With the support of the people of this website I have finally found the root of my awful state of health I did the candida saliva antibody test and it came back positive and high for antibodies I've had my suspicions for a while so have been trying my best the last few months doing the Eric's White candida diet but the problem I have is the steriods I'm now on for adrenal insuffiency I don't feel I can win as the steriods are helping the adrenals but causing the infection to stay putI just feel so rotten the yeast has taken root is in my osphagus throat and Digestive system I took the test to the specialist and again they ignored it did their own test and came back negative it really has ruined my life its awful. I'm considering getting nystatin from the U.S. to try get it under control if possible since the nhs have written me off with addinsons. has anybody got any support advice that might help me get on the road to recovery please because I'm struggling with this awful Condition and I just don't know how to rid myself of it when I'm trying to do everything I can my weight has hit 8stone now and I'm 5.6 so im now underweight thanks for reading


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Hi Smudgey, sorry to hear you're struggling like that. Doctors are just no help, are they! Do you have an y blood test results to share with us? That would help if we know exactly where you are.


I can only tell you from my own experience which is similar in some ways though I don't have adisons. The antibiotics from a young age, plus the pill, I believe caused the candida, which for a long time I thought was the problem. Eventually I found a wonderful acupuncturist who told me it was a symptom, like fungus on the wall of a damp house: the problem is the boiler doesn't work, the mould on the wall is the result and no matter how many times you clean it off, if the boiler's still not working it'll come back. Boiler in my case was the thyroid plus adrenal fatigue, but took a long time to get there.

The acupuncturist also told me the anti-candida diet I was on wasn't the right diet for me: perhaps this should have been obvious given that I'd gone from a size 12 to a 6! When I (swallowed hard and) started eating some meat again, well organic chicken anyway, and increased my protein intake significantly, and cut out lots of carbs, I started to get better, with the help of the acupuncture too. I now understand that any excess carbs are converted to sugar and I still eat very few grains or carbs, but fortunately don't seem to need or crave them. It took a few years to regain the weight but I'm a happy size 10 now.

I tried lots of anti-fungals but for me, grapefruit seed extract seemed to work the best. I did consider Nystatin but seem to recall I read somewhere it can work well in the short term but cause more problems later on. I can understand how desperate you must be and that you're thinking about it but please do research it thoroughly first, and try several natural ones if you haven't already.

The other thing that's helped me has been Kiki's probiotics: soil based organisms, which I've been taking for years now. The candida is only a problem when there's more of that than the healthy gut flora so you need to keep repopulating that, and take probiotics a few hours away from the anti-fungals.

Until you can get off the steroids I think you'll continue to struggle - is there nothing else you can take for the adrenal insufficiency? Have you read Adrenal Fatigue by J Wilson?

I wish you success as you put the pieces together on your healing journey.



Thanks very much for your post it makes a lot of sense I'm sorry you had to go through something similar I will look into acupuncture could you tell me a bit more about the acupuncture side and how it helped what you asked for ect

Many thanks for taking the time



Hi Sara

If you can get to London I can PM you details of my acupuncturist. He was recommended to me by the Candida Society (which sadly no longer exists). He is a true healer, not someone who just sticks needles in you, and I wouldn't go to anyone who didn't come highly recommended.

I am currently seeing a kinesiologist who has been brilliant too and I'll give you her name if you can get to London (or Dorset). I was so lucky to meet her at a workshop and realised how good she was, very intuitive as well as brilliant on the muscle testing. I had blood tests recently which showed she was spot-on with her recommendations.

The one thing I have learned on this journey is that every body is different, so what works for one person doesn't work for the next.

It must be so hard for you with a little one to care for too, but don't give up, you will get better if you persevere with your detective work.



Thanks Diana I'm in Lake District unfortunately so londons a bit to far I will keep researching and keep going and will try a find a decent acupuncturist I'm sure I can I'm determined to get rid of this monster but thanks for all your support it makes you feel less alone with the ongoing battle thanks again



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