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Utterly exhausted. Please help!

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in Jan 2015, 5 months after the birth of my son. Was put on 100mg of thyroxine. My dose was reduced to 75mg, and now 50mg following blood tests.

Since Nov 2015 I am exhausted. I get 8/9 hours sleep a night and would happily nap in the day given the chance. In Nov my thyroid was tested (TSH 2.4), low bit d and clear results for a test for coeliac disease. Fast forward to now. Utterly exhausted. Am signed off work with fatigue. TSH now 1.3. Vit d, full blood count, urea, iron, electrolytes and creatine and god knows what else all clear. Dr has ordered an MRI of my pituitary (I have hydrocephalus and approx 10y ago, they found an abnormality which proved inconclusive). Has anyone any suggestions? Thanks, Nina

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At least you are getting further investigations. Hoping you don't have to wait long for the MRI to see if they suggest something new. It is good to investigate all causes. If you need to nap in the day that'll be your body's way of saying to rest, rather than pushing on and proving a point, then you feel better for it.

Otherwise there is a rather tiresome thyroid controversy. I too had been on 100 mg levothyroxine "Give it more time" the GP said... but to be fair it didn't really help. I have had a long story of giving things more time, trying different dose combinations... but there are other options with regards to thyroid medication. I ended up on 80 mcg liothyronine and felt so much better for it. Everybody is different. But you are making me think, see how it goes with the MRI and if anything comes of it and then you might end up seeking advice about other options for the thyroid to feel better.


Do you know if the doctor's ever tested anything other than TSH? An FT3 and FT4 result would provide a much better clue as to whether this is insufficient thyroid hormones - or something else.


I know he's tested once for FT4 a while ago. The parathyroid is the ft3 right?


No FT3 is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone - the T4 has to convert into the FT3....



Hi all, blood results are as follows (Bare with me....Range is shown in brackets, my result next to the range)


- haemoglobin (115-150) 139

- white blood count (3.5 - 11) 7.7

- Platelets (140-400) 351

- Haematocrit (PCV) (0.36 - 0.46) 0.399

- Red Blood Count (3.80-5.00) 4.51

- Mean Cell Volume (80.0 - 99.0) 88.5

- Mean Cell Haemoglobin (27.5 - 32.5) 30.8

- Mean Cell Haemoglobin Conc. (310 - 350) 348

- Neutrophils (1.7 - 8) 4.85

- Lympocytes (1-4) 2.16

- Monocytes (0.2 - 0.8) 0.51

- Eosinophils (0.04 - 0.40) 0.09

- Basophils (0.02 - 0.10) 0.07

Liver Function Tests

- Alanine Transaminase (0-40) 17

- Alkaline Phosphatase (30-130) 74

- Total Bilirubin (0-21) 29* (I suffer from Gilberts syndrome possibly explaining this high level)

Vit D Profile

-Total 25OH Vit D 43.8

Acute Kidney injury 0

Electrolytes and creatinine

- Sodium (133-146) 139

- Potassium (3.5-5.3) 4.4

- Creatinine (48 - 128) 66

Urea (2.5 - 7.8) 5.2

Bone profile

Albumin (35-50) 48

Calcium (2.2 - 2.6) 2.48

Corrected Calcium (2.20 - 2.60) 2.32

Phosphate (0.8 - 1.5) 1.25

Parathyroid Hormone (1.48 - 7.63) 3

So, to my untrained eye, they all look to be happily within range. Over to you guys....




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