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Hi can someone help with my blood test results please

Hi after looking at this site, I asked at my Doctors for copies of my last blood tests although these were done 7 months ago. What I got back was

TSH 0.10 (0.25 - 4.0) below range

free T4 20 (12.00 - 22.00)

just wondering should I have been told that TSH was below the range and also do I need to ask the Doctor to test for B12, ferritin etc as I've seen the results of these on this site but I don't seem to be tested for anything else

Also I have recently had my first ever test for cholesterol which came back high at 7.3 ( 1.0 - 5) which surprised me as I am vegetarian, only use skimmed milk and eat very little fat at all. Does anyone know if there is a link between hypothyroidism and high cholesterol.

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Just to help others answer your post, I've put a link to your last post here: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

So was that result on 150mcg of Levo? You don't appear to have been overmedicated (TSH isn't so important when you're on a replacement dose of Levo) but it could be that something packaged with the Levo (fillers like acacia powder etc) could have affected your joints. Alternatively it could be that your body was unable to convert enough Levo to T3, but without an FT3 result it's hard to say. Being low in FT3 would result in you experiencing hypo symptoms including achey joints.

High cholesterol is indeed a symptom of hypothyroidism but one which many doctors overlook. Intake of fatty foods has very little to do with high cholesterol, as it turns out.


Yes I was still taking 150 levo when my blood was tested. I stopped that in November and started taking NDT 3 weeks ago. So far so good I'm feeling well, my energy level is good, no night cramps or joint pain, I seem to be thinking much more clearly and I'm beginning to think I might be on the mend.

I do still get breathless easily and I'm trying to lose weight as I've really piled it on over the past few years but because I'm not hurting now I have started walking about more so that has to help too. (for such a long time I've used the car instead of walking and sat down at every opportunity)

Sounds like I need to read up on high cholesterol then. Thanks for replying


Let me offer a good source of info about cholesterol - Dr Malcolm Kendrick. :)



thank you for that I'm off to read your link


Yes, there is a link. I had higher cholesterol levels at my last bloods and I'm hypo. never had it before that I know of. I drink lemon, parsley and garlic in hot water and this is supposed to help to get it down. I don't drink it a lot though cos not too sure if parsley is great in large amounts.


I am already drinking lemon in water every morning as I read that it can help boost the metabolism, not sure about the garlic and parsley though.


yeah, it's not as bad as it sounds actually


I have found lecithin granules "Lecigran" by Lane's Health Products very effective. One desert spoon on your cereal every morning will reduce your Cholesterol to safe levels. At least it brought mine down from the levels you mention to very safe levels.


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