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t4 only and hair loss?

does anyone think that taking t4 only caused hair loss hence I thought that may be the culprit until I took it for 6 months and I have not seen a difference so just wondering....I was blaming it on synthroid so the reason I changed but now I am thinking it may be more about all hormones and post Menopausal......and being on the right dosage with hormone changes and bhrt.......

It is hard to try this or that because it takes months to see it is working and I am not seeing it working yet and so I guess I have to just keep working at it....

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So, what are you taking now? Taking synthetic T4 can cause hair loss - whether it's T4 only or not. They say it's only temporary, but I have my doubts. However, to try and counteract that effect, you could try taking Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil. Works for some people. :)

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i am taking ndt for several months thinking that would resolve the hair loss but it hasn't hence it less convenient to take ndt because of twice a day and vitamins and eating distance from meds etc, and was just wondering if people on ndt have hair loss problems same as t4 only . OF course I am post menopausal so so much at play at 54 all at once.


Hair-loss was the only thing that stopped for me when I went on NDT. Everything else got worse!

You could try taking your NDT once a day, a lot of people do and find it better. And it's so much more convenient. I'm on T3 only, now and take it once a day.

To be honest, I've never really found a solution to the hair-loss. Recently, I thought raising my iron levels was the answer, because my head got all fuzzy again. But, then it stopped, and started to fall out again, and now it's very thin again. If I find the answer, I'll let you know. Damnit! I'll let everyone know! I'll be shouting it from the roof-tops! lol


for the last 2 shampoos hair loss is alot less, almost afraid to type this bec that is huge since i have been losing for so long. i started supplmentingint with b12 besides what i get in bcomplex bec i wasnt in the high normal......and it has alot to do with oxygen getting to all the right places including your hair, taking progesterone bhrt cream twice a day instead of once a day, and i went off ndt and went back on synthroid........started taking enzymes with every meal for better digestion and less bloating etc which effects nutrients we absorb in a positive manner, started taking vit c 500 twice a day hence i rarely got extra c in my diet, and those are the biggest changes in the last month....i read to think back 3 months before hair loss started if you made any changes....for me i had started taking progesterone once a day...progesterone has a postivie effect on thyroid and regulating estrogen dominance.....


update i was combing out my hair while the condition was on so i think it was just appearing to be less bec it is the same hair loss......and i went back on synthroid......but i am still thinking of going back on ndt....i didnt like the way i felt on it...but i always have low normal free t3 in all my blood test...even with ndt or synthroid and that with a low tsh as well.......but i also had low dhea and low testosterone...honestly i would go on it again if i thought it would make my hair grow....even if i felt is so hard getting ready and i have a son about to get married and i cant imagine what or how i will manage that


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