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Hi, I've tested positive for h pylori in my gut. Been given 2 types of antibiotics for 7 days and omeprazole for 2 weeks. Can anyone give me advice on what supplements etc would be beneficial for me once I've finished this treatment? I'm a bit confused with probiotics/prebiotics so would be very grateful for any info on how to get the good bacteria back into my gut and prevent this happening again.

I'm on 150mcg thyroxine (diagnosed with Graves 2002, treated with carbimazole then RAI 6 months later, hypo 2 months later)

Thank you :)

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I would ask your gastroenterologist for advice. As far as I know helicobacter pylori is usually spead by poor hygiene, washing hands after going to the toilet. Unfortunately, it will not be your hands involved, so all I can advise is that you avoid any restaurants or hotels that may have suspect standards.

I dont think this has anything to do with hygiene - its not like a food poisoning bug but something that lives in most peoples stomachs but generally is asymptomatic so people are unaware they have it. It is common in people with auto immune issues .

Hi, I was [finally] diagnosed in Dec 2012 after huge bloating since end March that year. I was already taking probiotics x3 types each day [Lamberts Acidophilus 10 at that time]... because I didn't know what was wrong with me until a 'training doctor' responded to my cry of how much it was costing to 'feed the bacteria in there' - for once someone listened!

So, I was taking Symprove in the morning [you have to] and Lamberts or VSL#3 mid-afternoon but at times different to the antibiotics. I'm still taking them now [not for h.pylori: I still can get bad bloating] but once when VSL#3 became unavailable I added in Bio-Kult and dropped Lamberts... you're meant to swap them or they lose effectiveness over time.

I'd love to stop taking all of this, so give it a try and then taper it off... or you'll end up on it all indefinitely. At one point it was costing me Β£175 pcm just for probiotics! If you shop around you can get offers on amazon. Don't listen to their 'take the probiotic yogurt drinks'... full of sugar!! Hope you're feeling better now/soon.

Here's a link to H pylori... apparently 2/3rds of the world population have it in their bodies and it can lie dormant from childhood.


Hi I had same time/treatment as yourself for h.p, be assured you didn't catch it from dirty taps or poor hygiene re.last reply ,just unlucky ,i understand %75 of world pop has it ,but all don't develop the horrible symptoms (ie.severe gastritis) I used a heavy duty probiotic during & after treatment(20 billions worth of good bacteria!) Keep in fridge, also a lot of high quality bio yogurt, madly organic apple cider vinegar , with mother.. Of course diluted, also sliced unwaxed lemons in quality loose green tea, grated turmeric or powdered turmeric (haldi) add a pinch of manuka honey for taste if required ,I also motar& pesstled garlic but can be a bit harsh early days , not sure re. Your meds.,but garlic & turmeric are slight. Blood thinners, sadly main thing that twinges me is chocolate & sweeter eats is sugar,but not honey ?? Good luck to you Sawdog

Around 50% of the world population has helicobacter pylori, mainly in underveloped countries with poor hygiene facilities. Transmission is not yet understood but the faecal-oral route is thought to be the major route, thus basic hygiene is likely to be helpful. Modern hygiene standards in the UK mean it is becoming less common.

This website bsg.org.uk/patients/general... gives some sensible advice.

Thank you for your replies. I think you're right Sawdog, just unlucky. Linda, I was the same, went to different GP and she actually listened to me!! You've given me great info in your posts, I'll invest in a decent probiotic first of all, and I've got organic apple cider with the mother but it tasted awful so stopped taking it, maybe if I add a spot of honey it would make it a bit more palatable lol. I'm on day 3 of the meds, they upset my tummy a bit at first but feeling better already so fingers crossed. Thanks again :)

I'd love to know what taking "apple cider vinegar with the mother" actually means. I've seen people mentioning their mothers quite a lot. And I wonder what happens to people who are orphans.

Okay, that was a silly joke. But seriously, I don't know what "with the mother" means in the context of vinegar. Can anyone explain?

Hahaha that made me laugh this morning. Haven't a clue what it means, just read the label it says it contains the mother of vinegar which occurs naturally as connected strand like chains of protein enzyme molecules and is highly regarded throughout history 😊 I only bought it because of other peoples posts saying its the best....still tastes vile though πŸ˜‰

I've struggled taking vinegar too. Did you dilute it in water and sip it throughout your meal? I've seen some people taking it like that, but it doesn't really improve things in my opinion! I struggle taking lemon juice and water too, and yet some people say that is wonderful for the adrenals. So I've given up trying to fix anything that way.

One thing I intend to try at some point is "digestive bitters". Various makes are available online. I've been told that Swedish Bitters are best but I don't know why.

Thanks for the info about "vinegar with mother". It's a phrase that rubs me up the wrong way and makes me cringe. I really don't know why!

I did dilute it in a full glass of water but struggled to take more than a couple of mouthfuls, maybe I'm trying to drink too much at once. Will look into the Swedish bitters as well, ta much 😊

You can also put diluting orange juice in with the acv and water. Makes it more palatable.

Jo xx

I've also read good things about mastic gum for H.Pylori, possibly you could try this after antibiotics to help keep it at bay.

Yes I've read that in a couple of articles online, will look into it, thank you 😊

DGL (use only DGL, not licorice) and mastic gum are good alternatives for eradicating H Pylori. They are relatively inexpensive and worth a try. As always, do your own research/homework.






I was admitted in to hospital on Nov 13th 2015.. after feeling unwell since Aug my symptoms then were cramps although not to bad) stomach upsets,found it hard to swollow and regurgitation of food/liquid... I attended my GPs surgery regularly with this complaint anyway after vomiting up blood in Nov and my GP refusing to admit me into hospital I saw a locum doc who admitted me,,I was diagnosed with suspected colitis and I had H piylor... unfortunately I could not tolorate the antibiotics they put me on I became worse so was taken off them..after leaving hospital they prescribed more antibiotics but I could not tolerate these so was taken off them...but I was given no help as to what to eat and what not to eat...I take probiotics every morning but have had three flare ups since leaving hospital..their seems to be little or no help from GPs or consultants..well that's been my experience.. I have had very loose bowels since the beginning of this... they found no colitis only I had a prob with absorption of the bowels?????? And I had H piylor..my consultant as now prescribed me quest lite...its to help with bile or something.I've not got it yet so don't know how it will work...to be quite truthful I have kept to a blaned diet but still had flare ups..like you I'm confused as to what to take in my stomach...and now my rheumatologist wants me to take three types of strong painkillers for my fibro pain,,,my Castro consultant told me to come off the painkillers my GP put me on as they were to harsh for my stomach and in future watch what medication you take as they can cause flare ups.if your GP is a good one they should give you advice or if your surgery has a nutritional adviser you could try them good luck hope you get sorted


Sounds like you've had an awful time Birkie, and u must be so confused by conflicting advice from consultants :( I wish u all the best in restoring your health. I am going to get in touch with my GP and ask her for advice but to be honest I think some people on here are better informed than GPs lol. Good luck 😊

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