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Tsh yoyo 1.2-3.4-1.8-2.8

I feel so bad at the moment with a long list of symptoms.

Tsh was 1.2 on 75mcg of levo

Then 3.4 1 week after stopping levo

Then 1.8 4 weeks later

Then 2.8 2 weeks later

What is happening, could me not being able to have restful sleep ie falling asleep easily but dreaming and waking all night be due to this fluctuation

The Drs are saying maybe stress anxiety and depression but my gut tells me it isn't 😢

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Kaylywayly, why was 75mcg stopped?


I started feeling hyper symptoms so freaked out and stopped taking it, then docs said to stay off it so they can take a better reading x


Its the swings and rounabouts of Hashimotos by sounds of it and if your levels of




Vit D3

are below HALFWAY in their ranges no amount of levo will do any good because your body simply cannot utilise it


Are these done on a normal blood test or would I have to request them? Xx


They need to be separately requested

they only do a general iron test routinely but its ferritin ( stored iron ) that's vital for hypothyroids

as are the others

The NHS labs / doctors/endos are either ignorant of this or try to pretend they do not matter

Theres plenty of research to prove they do


I'm currently under an endo privately so why wouldn't he have tested them!!

Why is it normal for levels to fluctuate that much?


Were all the tests done at exactly the same time of day under the same conditions (fasting etc)? TSH varies according to the time of day (up to 75%), time of year, whether you have eaten or not. Not a very useful test really.


Only the last one was done fasting in the morning, the two before were late afternoon.

I'm so frustrated at the moment with all different symptoms the worst of it sleep disturbance but I'm on beta blockers and have read they don't help which is no good as I didn't sleep well before.

I'm considering taking a low dose of anti depressants, while they are figuring it all out as I do most days feel down and anxious probably due to some external factors but mostly it's because I don't know what's going on with my health!


You'd expect TSH to be lower in the afternoon. I suspect you are undermedicated - but you need FT4 and Ft3 to be sure.


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