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Sudden stomach problems, can anyone advise?

Just this past week, I have unexpectedly had constant bouts of belching, flatulence, acid reflux, awful headaches, sleeping & sore leg muscles, feeling extremely overwhelmed & crying.

I'm taking a number of Vits & minerals, taking the doses as recommended on this forum.

I'd like some advice on some natural remedies to relieve the symptoms, particularly the acid reflux & belching & I don't want to take gaviscon & the like.

I was given a sample of Nutri Plus GI Natural (L-Glutamine) which is good for gut healing.

I've not yet taken this as I'm nervous since I feel like I'm over the worst, plus I've stopped Vits & mins for a few days thinking I might give my gut a rest.

Any advice & natural remedy suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks everyone

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If we are hypothyroid many of us develop stomach issues due to everything slowing down, ie. digestion and maybe temp/pulse etc.

If we complain to doctors who, due to symptoms being so similar i.e. high acid and low acid are apt to treat us for high acid.

Many of us take digestive enzymes - i.e. Betaine with pepsin tablets with meals, particularly containing protein or a good Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother) some teaspoons mixed in juice or water during meals.


This, I believe, is similar to what you have been given.



Shaws, thanks for your advice. The links were a good read too. I'm going to start taking the glutamine tablets & see what happens.

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Assuming your thyroid levels are optimal then your diet is the first thing you should be looking at.


Hi yhickfoe

I'm gluten free, as I'm Hashi's. Following full thyroid panel blood test & adrenal stress index test & having sought advice on this forum, I've been on Vits & mins for last 5/6 weeks & got adrenal & thyroid supplements to introduce.

I wondered if my episode could possibly be some reaction despite taking recommended doses.

Today, the symptoms are reducing & I'm feeling better.

Thanks again


I had the same problem, doctor put me on lansaprozole 30mg it made me feel awful so l went down to 15mg still felt awful so stopped.

I tried ACV and hcl with pepsin and they also made things worse so stopped them both, did some research and bought some BioCare slippery elm plus, l took 1 three times a day twenty minutes before each meal, within a week no burping or indigestion, try it.

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Hi abbots

Thanks so much I will most definitely get slippery elm plus

Thanks for replying 🙂


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