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Safe B12 levels


My last Serum Vitamin B12 test results came back as 288 (180-900) and I was recommended on this forum to take B12 Methylcobalamin 5000 micrograms for 6 weeks along with a B12 complex every day which I started doing 4 weeks ago. I am not really feeling any more energetic and I wonder whether I can take 2 of the B12 Methylcobalamin 5000 micrograms tablets for the next couple of weeks to see if I feel better or can you take too much?

I have been to the doctors yet again today and mentioned B12 injections but it was a definite no no as I am actually in range and they are too expensive on the NHS.


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B12 injections are not expensive. On private script they are only £15 for 5 amps, the nhs will get them for a fraction of that. However, you usually need a PA diagnosis for the shots which are needed for life.

You CANNOT take too much b12, it is water soluble.

I have PA and inject weekly as that is what i need. The NHS rations people to a shot every 3 months, tho it used to be every 2 months. They will literally claw back every penny from wherever they can.

You can also buy amps online without script and self inject with a diabetic needle. Your levels are dangerously low, in fact mine where higher than that when diagnosed with PA.


Thanks Bluedaffodil. I'm not sure that I could inject myself, not that good with injections at the best of times :) I will try to take another lozenge to see if that works. Thanks


I buy 3 ampoules and syringes for less than 5 euro here in Crete - so book your holidays now :-) Your levels are VERY low. Anything under 500 can be the cause of neurological symptoms. Only 20% of your B12 result is available to go into the cells where it is needed. Your Doc sadly does not have a clue. It is a scandal.

You are being fobbed off with nonsense.....there are Guidleines your GP should read. Sorry am not on my usual computer so cannot post the link. Type B12 into the Search HealthUnlocked box at the top of this page - press enter on your keyboard and previous posts will appear.


Wow, that is very cheap!! All the GP kept saying is that I am in range, so there is no is so frustrating!! Thank you for the info :)


Staying in range will keep you unwell. If you want OPTIMAL health then you need optimal results. Yes I know Docs go by ranges -that is why I have guided you to your own research and learning. We have to take control of OUR health and people here will be supportive.

Also supplements could well take months rather than weeks for you to see/feel improvements.....


Whilst no danger in overdosing there can be some problems such as itching .I saw a list after googling but cannot recall where .


Thank you Treepie for the info, I will google now.


Jillycee, there's no known toxicity from taking high doses of B12 so you can try 10,000mcg daily. Excess is excreted in urine. My B12 levels doubled from 300+ to >700 in 8 weeks on 1,000mcg.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you Clutter. I will try another lozenge in the afternoon to see if that works. Just wanted to make sure that I couldn't overdose! The GP said that she wouldnt test me again to check my levels as I told her that I was taking the lozenge, she said that would have increased my levels so there was no need. It is extremely frustrating every time I go to the GP's, although everyone seems to have the same problem. I did say yesterday that I really didn't feel supported by the surgery over my thyroid issues. This is the 2nd GP I have seen at this surgery and she just said the same. "My symptoms are nothing to do with my thyroid. I would only get symptoms if my TSH was 20 or 30". Once again, I was offered an anti-depressant or HRT. (I have already been tested and told I am not going through the menopause)!! Anyway, sorry for the ramble and thank you again for the info.


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