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I recently posted questions about being breathless and several tests were suggested. I am on 125mg of Levothyroxine and 40 mg of Liothyronine. It was suggested I have tests for the following and I have results for them all except my FT3 which I need to get done privately.

My Iron (my doctor said this is the same as Ferritin?) is 148

My Folate is 8.2

My B12 is 434

My Vit D is 67

My Doctor tells me that these are all normal. As I really don't know if that is correct can anyone please advise and would it still be wise to get my FT3 blood test?

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You need to give the ranges which are shown in brackets for folk to make sense of the results.Also the unit s of measurement for the D3 as different units are used by labs.

sheila747 in reply to Treepie

Hi Treepie I spoke to my doctor on the phone and these are the figures she gave me. What are the ranges in brackets? And I'm sorry but I don't understand the units of measurement for the D3?

Treepie in reply to sheila747

Sheila you need to get the figures in print and you are entitled to them although some GPsmay charge!

So e.g. B12 might be shown as : 434 ( 300-900). The range in the brackets, so you would be in range but some distance from optimal which should be over500 and preferably near the 900. But the doc will just say you are normal.

The problem is that different laboratories have different test machines and different ranges.Without knowing the range it is not possible to know how good or bad your results are.

My D3 was expressed as 49.8 nmol/L but this is the same as 19.9ng/ml .

The 49.8 was then put in context with : <30 deficient; 30-50 insufficient ; >50 sufficient.

So if i had given my figure as 19.9 without the units it might be assumed i was very deficient rather than just below sufficient.

Not that 49.8 was optimal.

Without the full information you will not get the advice you need.

sheila747 in reply to Treepie

Hi Treepie I understand. I wish I had known that because it is so difficult to get to speak to my doctor but I will try tomorrow. Once I have them will you be able to help with the results?

Hidden in reply to sheila747

Just phone the receptionist and ask them to print them off for you x

sheila747 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mango, I did. They charge 40p a sheet but worth every penny!!!

Sheila I am not that expert .I may be able to contribute but i suggest you start another post with the full details when you have them and ask again. That way there is more chance of getting good advice..

Okay Treepie thank you.

Breathlessness, wheezing, coughing is often a sign that your adrenal glands are not functioning properly, it can also be to do with oestrogen

Hi Sheila, I was breathless when my B12 was low, but I also have asthma. Have they checked you for wheeziness in the chest? A friend of mine also has this problem, and is currently undergoing heart investigations ECG and a treadmill test. Do hope you can start feeling better soon. MariLiz

Sheila, Another daft doc! Is there no end to it?!? lol No, iron is not the same as ferritin. Serum iron is the iron in your blood ready for use. Ferritin is the protein that stores the iron until the body needs it. The store needs to be optimal. But that number looks to me like it is the ferritin. If so, it's fine.

B12 could be higher. Optima is 1000. You could try taking 1000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily, with a B complex, to balance the Bs. See if that makes you feel better.

That D3 looks a bit low to me, but not enough information to really tell. If you manage to get a print-out of your results - just go and ask the receptionist or the practice manager, no need to bother the doctor - then post a new question with the new information on that, and the D3 experts will be ready to help! :)

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