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Had quite nice chat with a nurse

I hate the local hospital from the bottom of my heart because of bad experience but as I am broke I don't have a choice at the moment.

Talked with a nurse and she got worried about my low t4 and slowly increasing TSH. She told me to take all my test results and agreed ft3 results needs to be included too :O

I told her I will walk out if the doctor suggests depression. Nurse calmed me down and said I need to get tested thoroughly and she got me an appointment with a doctor she figured would understand my situation. Normally you get sent to a certain doctor based on post code.

She wrote it as a follow up and 40 minutes so the doctor has time to evaluate my past results and order more.

I am slightly optimistic. And at least I get all tests for free now.

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That's good that you had someone with a sympathetic ear and has pointed you in the right direction. Also I hope the doctor is also sympathetic and takes note of your symptoms and not believe that a TSH 'anywhere' within range is fine when it should be 1 or lower with FT4 and FT3 towards the upper part of the range.


At least the nurse is on my side and I now get check up for free. She agreed my low t4 isn't correct and can request TSH and ft4 tested every three months if nothing else. That helps me a lot as then I can afford to get ft3 tested privately. Just need to book them for the same day.



I hope the doctor has the sensitivity and sense the nurse showed :)


It's a shame that caring and knowledgeable staff seem to be in such short supply where thyroid treatment is concerned.


It is! These small local hospitals in finland are so bad as doctor come and go. So its hard to get to same doctor twice. That sucks big time. Next doctor probably changes your medication and kicks you out.

So you have to have a nurse on your side. Nurse can back you up and instead of doctor you can see a nurse and can get a prescription and tests.


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