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I am wondering whether I have developed some food intolerances. Never had any problems before but now being post meno I think my body has changed and for a month or so now my tummy is a little icky. Have been on a gluten free diet since beginning of the month

I am aware that Leaky Gut is quite common with Hashi's. Have any UK members had any testing done with regard to this please or any other testing? Have been reading on the Allergy UK group that they don't recommend taking food sensitivity tests because they are generally inaccurate. They prefer people to find out by a process of elimination and reintroduction of certain foods.

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  • Many people with hypothyroidism develop low acid which can cause stomach/digestion problems. Because the symptoms are practically the same as 'High Acid' the GPs usually prescribe antacids which makes the situation worse.

    To help ourselves if low acid - Betaine/Pepsin can be helpful if we're having protein in our meals as we need acid to digest the protein. My bottle states to take no more than 3 tablets daily. Also a good Apple Cider Vinegar is useful too and you dilute in water or juice. It's quite strong so dilute well:-




  • have you had any tests hon

  • No, I didn't but both Betaine and or ACV made me feel much better so assume, being hypo and everything slow, that hypo was the cause.

  • what symptoms were you having to try it (just been looking it up) and how has it benefitted you?

  • Just uncomfortable after meals. I also developed pain which had me pacing the floor during the night. GP gave me which I believe was a Gaviscon type med and the pain was even more severe. So that's why I switched and it did work so assume I had low acid. Gaviscon is for high acid.

  • Hi you could try the elimination diet first though experience of seeing clients I know it takes time but can work. Other alternatives are testing which come in forms of IgG blood tests and alternative complementary options. Testing has always helped me to manage my symptoms and illness.

  • Hi, I had similar symptoms, tested negative for coeliac so decided to try 'biometrics' intolerance testing... Chap who did testing was very helpful and intolerance can be just as bad as allergy.. Turns out I am gluten and dairy intolerant as well as many other foodstuffs. Not allergic so won't die if I inadvertently eat them but I do notice the difference and feel sluggish and often pained. biometrics testing was £45 and took around 1 hour to complete for me.. It was done at a local health store where guy visits every couple of months.. Worth the money spent! Also beware gaviscon meds etc .. Do these not cause b12 deficiency which is needed for optimum thyroid. Just learning atm but definitely think your. Gut health has a lot to do with it. I did Elimination diet and did feel the benefit (whole30 diet) my mistake is I did it before we went to visit friends so didn't do the reintroduction part properly. Definitely worth a go. Worst thing for me is sugar which for someone with a sweet tooth is hard to stop as its so addictive and it's in everything . Dr Myhil drmyhill.co.uk suggests a Stone Age diet.. Working on that one as we speak as it cuts out most of my intolerances.

    Good luck with finding a regime that suits Jax 💕

  • Also found this website if anyone's interested


  • Hi Jefner

    I am very similar to you, post menopausal (I think) not had food sensitivities before (tried elimination and re-introduction) but to see if it would help the thyroid problem I cut out gluten about month ago and have been suffering from an increasingly icky tummy. Just yesterday I wondered if it might be to do with the levo because I noticed that the latest batch is from a different pharmaceutical company.

    You haven't by any chance also recently had a change in brand have you?

  • From what i have heard some people can experience nausea due to body detoxifying? I never had a lot in my diet anyway except for bread which i had a lot of. Which brand of levo have u been getting now then?

  • The latest levo is Activa

  • Do u mean actavis?

  • Yes, that looks right. Is that what you take?

  • yes hon, I have 100mcg Actavis and 25mcg Wockhardt. Activis is a very common one which a lot of people take. Are you having problems with it then?

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