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Leaky Gut and L Glutamine


Hello I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for me.

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid (TSH 6.3 range 0.55-4.8, T4 15 range 9-23, my B12 was 437 range 211-911) in December 2015 and have been put on 25mg of Levothyroxine. I know I am under medicated as I've still got many symptoms however the doctor wanted to put me on the lowest dose and see how I react. I am due back with the doctor in early March and in the meantime go for another blood test on 1st march. The doctor is going test for TPO antibodies at my next blood test.

Following advice from very helpful people on this forum I have started taking B12 Jarrod Formulas 1000 msg.

So as yet, I haven't been diagnosed with Hashimotos but I strongly suspect I may be.

One of the many symptoms I have is a reaction to alcohol with palpitations and burning up. I only need a small amount and I get horrendous palpitations and can also get slight heart rate increase with chocolate!!

I am considering taking L-Glutamine to try and assist my suspected leaky gut..... are there any issues anyone can see with me doing this? For example, I don't want it affecting my next TSH blood levels as I really want my medication increasing. I am already getting anxious in how I am going to persuade the doctor I need more medication!!

Many thanks x

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Others take it for leaky gut, and I haven't heard of it affecting TSH. I took it for a while to help with sugar cravings. So you should be quite safe there.

I do hope it was December 2016, not 2015 that you started. In any case you should be retested after around 8 weeks, so I would make my appointment now if you can. Just say innocently you thought it was 8 weeks if the doc argues. Always worth a try!

And make your blood appointment as early in the day as you can, when TSH is at its highest. Fast from the previous evening and don't take your levo on the morning before the test.

Dotty1340 in reply to Ruthi

Many thanks. Yes it was December 2016 when I started on the thyroxine!

I've taken l-glutamine with no issues at all - just start with a 5ml spoonful in water - tastes of sweaty socks and take early in the day... glutamine translates to glutamate which keeps us awake. It soothes the digestive tract and is also quite good for sore throats.

Dotty1340 in reply to HLAB35

Many thanks! I shall look forward to the taste! 😬

I've taken L glutamine to help with sugar cravings when I've given it up. I never knew it was for leaky gut!

I'm taking Thyroid S & haven't noticed any adverse effects.

TBH I'd never heard of the name until I read someone else's post on this forum regarding leaky gut and I am hoping it will help my symptoms especially with food reactions. This forum really is very informative!

You can have your leaky gut tested to see if that is your problem, its called a PEG test

Details here, I had mine done years ago and you get an excellent report


Dotty1340 in reply to riannabri

Thank you, that's really helpful, I'll get the test done!

I've never had issues with L-Glutamine. I must be lucky though - as far as I'm concerned it is virtually odourless and tasteless - unlike HLAB35 I don't detect sweaty socks. :D

Some people find L-Glutamine taken late in the day can make getting to sleep difficult. However, I've also seen some people saying it helps them sleep. So, I think everyone has to experiment on that point for themselves.

Don't take L-Glutamine near hot food or hot drinks because heat destroys L-Glutamine.

Buy L-Glutamine powder, not the capsules. The capsules are too low a dose and too expensive. With the powder you can adjust dose as you see fit.

The dose I use is one heaped teaspoon, once or twice a day. But some people take a lot, LOT more :


Me too, I take L-glutamine. They come with different flavor options too, but I opt for the neutral one, because of the artificial sweeteners that come with flavors usually.

I try to take it to empty stomach first thing in the morning ( I mean 'first' of course as in after waiting one hour after levo)

humanbean in reply to hachiko

I've come across L-Glutamine with sweeteners or sugars in. I was shocked! Why would someone take something to help their gut heal but ruin it with sweeteners or sugar?

If flavouring really is necessary for someone to get L-Glutamine down (I've never found it necessary), then I would prefer to use flavouring of my choice, not something put in the product by the manufacturer.

I always make sure that my L-Glutamine is 100% L-Glutamine and absolutely nothing else.

hachiko in reply to humanbean

Yes, me too.

The way I see it, sometimes sugar or sweetener is fine, not advisable though; but compared to downing those every day, it can be a problem. So therefore no crazy flavors for me neither. Which prompts an idea: I welcome all good ideas about how to flavor your non-flavor l-glutamine and non-flavor whey protein too. Now I use banana for sweetening, but after a while I'd appreciate some variety. Cheers.

Why waste all your time and money on healing a Leaky gut when you can get it tested?


Dotty1340 in reply to riannabri

I will be sending off for the test kit!! Thanks for replying 😁

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