Food Intolerances could be sabotaging your health

I'm a firm believer that lying under our Autoimmune Thyriid problems are food intolerances - a lot of the symptoms are the same. Since I diagnosed my food intolerances and removed them all these symptoms have miraculously disappeared 😀

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  • I'm feeling a lot better since I gave up gluten, sugar and alcohol but I would like to know WHY we develop food intolerances! I've got Izabella Wentz's book "The Root Cause" but it's hard to pin down exactly what is happening in your own individual body if that makes sense. Very frustrating. Also not sure exactly how you work out if you have other intolerances.

  • The best way to work out if you have intolerances Bluemaxx is to go on a very restrictive diet for a few weeks and then slowly start adding things back in, you should know pretty soon what's irritating you. Either that or you could pay for allergy testing, I actually wouldn't mind doing that myself 😉

  • Hi Belle, I was thinking about doing that but hadn't quite worked up the courage! I had allergy testing done last year as I was referred by the ENT doctor I was sent to for persistent coughing. He said it was acid reflux and gave me Omeprezole!!!! No-one even thought about thyroid problems!!! Anyway the allergy testing came up completely negative - they even did blood testing and I knew I had terrible allergies because May last year was a nightmare. Funnily enough all was o.k. this year now I'm on thyroid medication. I definitely have a bad reaction to gluten though as when I had some the other day (after being gluten free for a month) I really suffered with headaches the next day. So I know that exclusion diets work. I have heard of other intolerance testing done through Functional Medicine Practitioners - maybe those are better??

  • That's the same as me funnily enough, I get so sick the next day - migraines, sinus infections and horrible sore throat- believe it or not the same thing happens now with rice!!!

    Are you taking Betain and Pepsin? It's supposed to really help with acid reflux!

  • Hi Belle, yes I do take the betain & pepsin as well as apple cider vinegar (not at the same time lol!). I have stopped taking the omeprezole now and everything has settled down thank god!! I had a camera put down my oesophagus last November and I was supposed to press a button when I had acid reflux so they could measure the acid levels. The doctor told me that my acid levels were not that high!! WHY didn't they put two and two together and think that maybe I had thyroid problems as low stomach acid (with acid reflux symptoms) is a typical symptom of hypothyroidism?

  • The reason we get more food intollerences these days is explained in the book 'wheat belly'.

  • Sounds interesting 👍🏼

  • Hi K1k1, can you tell more about your journey? I've read about leaky gut for years and about various diets attempting to address this like the Blood Type Diet or an agriculturist or hunter-gatherer if you can find your type. Usually they are not black and white diets. Knowing that antibiotics are so prevalent and many children are given those and what they do to the composition of your gut may even start the process of sensitivities but then we have chemicals that have no reason to end up in your gut as well. We should do whatever we can but some people have a list of avoid foods so long that there is hardly anything left they can eat.

  • Yeah happy to Heloise 👍🏼 I started by cutting out gluten 6 months ago and then last month I had my first consultation with a Functional Doctor who confirmed I had a gluten intolerance along with a dairy and sugar intolerance 😳 I immediately cut out the dairy and sugar and now myself and my husband live on the Paleo diet, there is also the Autoimmune Paleo Diet which is a little stricter - other options to look at are GAPs and I know Amy Myers (who put her own Graves Disease into remission) has her own protocol.

    In two weeks I will have the results of my stool test which was also carried out by my Functional Doctor and once I know for definite what I'm dealing with (SIBO, Candida) I'll set about dealing with that and healing my gut. I believe that having cut out my intolerances that is already helping but I also drink bone broth and eat lots of stews.

    I know exactly what you mean when you say it feels like you can't eat anything but once you get into the lifestyle it's not so bad - we just had meatballs and chocolate cake (all Paleo) for lunch 😍 I know I won't ever eat gluten again because I hate the way it makes me feel and apparently us with Thyroiditis can't eat it anyway but in time, once I've healed my gut, I'll reintroduce dairy and sugar.

  • Yes, Isabella Wentz is great. My daughter is doing Paleo and I think I was raised on a paleo diet because my parents were from the Mediterranean and no antibiotics. Of course a lot of that changed later but I really think the formative years are a very important health builder. We also got lots of sun which I've read is important to get before the age of 16. So many theories out there.

    Look into molybdenum. I've just been checking it out. Helps rid candida toxins and other things. It is a metal though so have to be careful as we don't tolerate much.

  • I agree! I struggled for years with breathing issues, blaming everything that was wrong with me on my thyroid. Along with many other problems. (digestion, energy levals etc)

    Then, somehow, I found out I was gluten/dairy and soy intollerant. I stopped eating them all and the difference is unbelievable.

    I'm just annoyed that one of the many doctors I'd visited over all the years I'd suffered, never once suggested all of my problems could be food based!

    Wish I'd have read your post years ago!

  • I know missmolly55, I read about so many people on here who talk about their brain fog and fatigue and I have to jump in and tell them it's down to their diet every time but I'd say they think I'm nuts 😂 I wouldn't have believed someone if they had told me either. The only way to know is to cut it out (gluten definitely) and see for yourself.

  • I went to see a food therapist and had allergy testing done, it has certainly helped me to find out what foods are bad for me, wheat and corn are two of the main things I have to watch. you also have to watch what's in tablets as they often use corn starch as a filler. Also take probiotics which I find help the gut a lot. If I do not watch what I eat I suffer afterwards. Been on thyroxine for over 60 yrs as well.

  • Do you mind me asking what Probiotics you take elwins? I'm probably going to be starting on a coarse soon!

  • Have been taking them for several years, I buy mine from Healthspan of Guernsey, probiotics are supposed to help the bacteria in your gut.

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