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very very tired

I have been having extreme tiredness for about 18 months.

recently pins & needles / shooting pains in hands and toes

seen my Dr and she arranged some blood tests. the latest results :

Serum Vit B12 = 262 ng/L (range 180 - 900 )

Serum Folate = 3.2 ug/L (range >2.4)

Serum Ferritin = 298 ug/L (range 15-300)

250 H Vit D = 66p (range 30 - 50 )

Serum TSH level = 4.7 mU/L (range 0.30 - 4.40 )

Serum free T3 level = 15.0 pmol/L (range 9.0 - 19.1 )

I am attempting to make sense of these results..

Please can anyone enlighten me ?

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B12 needs to come up.

Iron seems ok at the top of range (any inflame in the body though ?)

TSH is high, so shows a thyroid issue

FT3 is probably FT4 so is ok at 15. Some like it in the top of the range, but mid teens is ok if FT3 is good. But you don't have an FT3 result. I imagine this may be low. Which means you are not converting it that well OR it could be high and so means you are not absorbing it.

You need to get the FT3 done privately to give you the full picture plus the antibody tests as well. This will show if you have hashis problems.


i think the pins and needles is related to low B12 level. Someone else may confirm this. Or google this issue.

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Pins and needles can be either B12 or thyroid or both. Hard to know which but they may disappear with a lower TSH.

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With the pins and needles you may be able to persuade your doctor to start you on B12 injections. It should be a lot higher! See the guidelines- hopefully this is the right link! Folate needs to come up a lot too - aim for about 15. Your ferritin shows inflammation in body. Have they done your iron too - can't remember name of test off top of head...thbc? Something like that. 😊


Your B12 is seriously low and needs to be around 1000 for optimal health. Also you need to have the Thyroid Anti-bodies tested - which may explain the inflammation that could result in raised Ferritin. It happened to my hubby.


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