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PCOS and anxiety

Hello! I've been diagnosed with PCOS couple years ago and was putted on Metformin medication.

I used that for about year and have to quit cause I experienced more anxiety and heart palpitations. I'm also on ssri for depression. I have had low ferritin. Low normal progesterone. My thyroid levels have had been strange FT3 over range and FT4 normal. I have had arrythmia attacks where I woke up middle of night with palpitations, nause and dizziness. EKG has been taken but Holter examination haven't been done yet. I used good quality blood pressure monitor at home and it showed up atrial fibrillation. I have also though it might be WPW disorder where pulse goes suddenly to 200. So I'm still wondering what's wrong. Does bad hormone levels cause anxiety and heart racing?

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Yes, is the answer - for low hormone levels can cause anxiety and heart racing? If hyperthyroid too.

Maybe you need to have a new blood test for your thyroid gland. Ask for a Full Thyroid Function test. You need to get a print-out of your thyroid hormone results. If you've not had a recent one ask for a new Full Thyroid Function test - get a print-out/copy with the ranges too and post on a new question.

Your symptoms above are also clinical symptoms of hypothyrodism. This is an excerpt which may be of interest to you re PCOS.


Update Dr John C Lowe LLC

Metabolic Research and Informational Consulting

November 27, 2010

Multiple Ovarian Cysts as

a Major Symptom of Hypothyroidism

The case I describe below is of importance to women with polycystic ovaries. If

they have evidence, such as a high TSH, that conventional clinicians accept as evidence

of hypothyroidism, they may fair well. But the TSH is not a valid gauge of a woman's

tissue thyroid status. Because of this, she may fair best by adopting self-directed

care. At any rate, for women with ovarian cysts, this case is one of extreme importance.

In 2008, doctors at the gynecology department in Gunma, Japan reported the case

of a 21-year-old women with primary hypothyroidism. Her doctor referred her to the

gynecology department because she had abdominal pain and her abdomen was distended

up to the level of her navel.

At the gynecology clinic she underwent an abdominal ultrasound and CT scan. These

imaging procedures showed multiple cysts on both her right and her left ovary.

The woman's cholesterol level and liver function were increased. She also had a

high level of the muscle enzyme (creatine phosphokinase) that's often high in hypothyroidism.

Blood testing also showed that the woman had primary hypothyroidism from autoimmune


It is noteworthy that the young woman's ovarian cysts completely disappeared soon

after she began thyroid hormone therapy. Other researchers have reported girls with

primary hypothyroidism whose main health problems were ovarian cysts or precocious

puberty. But this appears to be the first case in which a young adult female had

ovarian cysts that resulted from autoimmune-induced hypothyroidism.

The researchers cautioned clinicians: "To avoid inadvertent surgery to remove an

ovarian tumor, it is essential that a patient with multiple ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism

be properly managed, as the simple replacement of a thyroid hormone could resolve

the ovarian cysts."[1]


1. Kubota, K., Itho, M., Kishi, H., et al.: Primary hypothyroidism presenting as

multiple ovarian cysts in an adult woman: a case report. Gynecol. Endocrinol.,

24(10):586-589, 2008.


I should have added:-

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

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Do you have Hashimotos?


What is pcos we all don't know the illnesses it would b helpful if peeps put the full word in thanks


PCOS = Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.


Thank you


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