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Anxiety and Thyroid issues

Hello everyone I am 31 years old and I have hyperthyroidism. I have had the disease for 6 years now, and it has been a battle. A year ago I started to feel weird, dizzy, heart palpitations, and chest pains. These symptoms cause me to go back and forth to the emergency rooms. The doctors gave me every heart test there was to cross out any heart troubles, but all my tests came back good. Now I am still having these symptoms so my doctor said its anxiety and that having lots of stress. But I want to know if anyone else gets anxiety and have thyroid issues??

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Yes, it's a major problem even w hypothyroidism. I have never felt as anxious as when I was first diagnosed hypo, even when my blood tests show I'm on a little too much medication.

Are your test results good or are you still a little high? Being hyper can make you anxious.


Last time my test came back showing I was off a little. I am very anxious and have tremors all the time


And is there a plan or are they just going to wait and see? Do you have an endo?

I admit I am not an expert on hyperthyroidism or the parameters within which they treat (vs just watching and waiting) but I will say I think it is a callous thing to tell you you're anxious because you're stressed when we know for a fact that anxiety is a feeling stimulated by thyroid hormones being off. It's a well-known symptom.

It's like injecting you w adrenaline and when you then react saying it must be because you're afraid of needles.


Yes my endocrinologist stopped my thyroid meds and is trying to see what is happening. I been off my meds for almost 6 months now, and Ive been feeling kind of terrible. I hope that they do something when I go back.


Do you get copies of your test results? Maybe if you post them here you can get some feedback on what to say to your endo. A lot of people find that v useful.


Hi me too! I was on medicine for a few months after been told that I had hypothyroidism. Them my Dr took me off medicine to see what would happen. Now my new blood work came back as normal. How can that be?


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