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Anxiety and blepharitis

Hi I've been on thyroxine 100mcgs for about 3 months dr increased limit to 125mcgs before xmas & I had palpitations & terrible anxiety. Rang gp she said reduce to 100mcgs which I did but still feel anxious. Had thyroid function test 2 to 3 weeks ago not heard result yet! I've been reading a lot of your posts & it seems to me that you have to pay privately to get extensive tests done! Any advice on where to get tests & also advice on anxiety & blepharitis? Also feel cold a lot of the time! What should I do?? I'm a nurse but not practising now so I do have quite a bit of knowledge I'm confused as to what to do?? Can someone help?? Also felt a lump in my neck had a neck scan & they said it was fine!!

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Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell.

Hypothyroidism is an insidious illness and sometimes when we have been ill for so long, our adrenal glands get shot to pieces.

Medicating Levothyroxine will increase your metabolism but if your adrenal glands have been compromised through years & years of supporting a slowly failing thyroid gland, they simply can't keep up. (This is not recognised by the medical profession).

You need a balanced supply of all hormones (including those produced in the adrenal glands) and optimal nutrients & iron for good thyroid hormone synthesis. If the adrenals are worn out, all sex hormones may be diminished and the gut could be compromised through low stomach acid leading to nutrient absorption problems.

A lump in your neck may indicate a swelling called a goitre or a nodule in the thyroid gland and are usually investigated by an ultra-sound scan.

Post any recent blood test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.


Thank you for reply see if my Gp will help if not I will investigate going privately! Do you think I need other meds then?


Hi 4by2, whoever told you you have blepharitis ought to have given you some advice about what you should be using butt basically for your blepharitis you need to get yourself an eye bag - you pop it in the microwave for a few seconds then lie down and put it over your closed eyes for a few minutes of bliss.

You can buy them from an optician or from Amazon. Make sure you have one you can wash otherwise they get a bit grubby Anne some of them can't be washed - well my first one did. I've got a very natty little one at the moment that is plastic and filled with little blue beads. I like it because it is small and fits right over my eye socket rather than up over my sinuses.

Anyway, eye bag, lid wipes will help too and if you have mybomian gland dysfunction as well (your optician should be able to tell you) then you should get yourself some artificial tears - HycoBac / HycoSan or Theoloz / Theoloz Duo.

Ring your surgery, they always say to call after a week at our surgery - when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease I had the blood test one day and a phone call from my doctor the next to say I had a massively overactive thyroid with antibodies, she had left a prescription fir carbimazole at Reception, made a consultant's appointment and would I come back in four weeks for another blood test so I always think no news is good - as long as they just haven't forgotten to contact you or lost the test!

I would definitely want to know exactly what the lump on my neck was though.


Hi thanks for that info. I do use camomile tea bags also I just wondered if the 2 conditions were linked?ive had a neck scan & the result was clear! But I still feel as though I have something there although the radiographer said I had nodules on my thyroid so that's perhaps what I am feeling!! Thanks for help 4by


Sorry, I didn't realise you thought your thyroid was causing the blepharitis. Hopefully someone who has your symptoms etc will know that and let you know.

Thyroid problems can affect your eyes though, I've not got thyroid eye disease in that my eyes don't bulge but they were one of my major discomforts when my Graces was at its worst and generally they're definitely not great - if I don't use dry eye drops all the time my eyes get so dried out that vision gets very blurred and they are agony, using eye drops regularly and the eye bag keeps things at bay though.

Have you been referred to an endo to discuss the thyroid nodules and what they are going to do about them?


I get eye drops & lanolin (simple) ointment for my blepharitis, but found it less bad when I started taking vitamin D3.

I was told my goitre was normal, along with everything else they tested when a pituitary adenoma was diagnosed from high prolactin. I couldn't afford all the blood tests or private consultant route that some people use, so did the Barnes basal body temperature test, to confirm my suspicions of secondary hypothyroidism. Since then, I've self-medicated with NDT &/or T3, & found many physical issues I'd had for 40 years have improved, including body temperature.


Hi Could anybody recommend an endo in the Nottinghamshire area that is any good? Going to go privately!!!


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