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Hashi's: Test results from endo visit

Hi , it's the first time I've posted on here so can anyone help please. Had my bloods re done recently following a gp referal to an endocrinologist. .They are foreign to me I'm afraid can anyone tell me what they mean please..tia ...

TSH 9.01. Free T3 3.8, free T4 12.4, thyroid microsomal antibodies >2000, fsh 4.3, lh 20.7, oestradiol 489, esr 46, crp 5,

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Hi Donna

If you have ranges for your results, it would be helpful. These are usually in brackets after the result.

Thanks for putting some info on your Profile and note you were diagnosed with hashimotos 12 months ago.

I think that for you to have a TSH of 9 after 12 months of being diagnosed is not good enough as it's high. Have you been given levothyroxine at all and what dose?


Hi yes Ive been on 100mcg for 12 mths ..I'll have a look at ranges, don't remember seeing them though, the results were on the letter I received from endo .


I hope you have a good Endocrinologist. When you have a blood test for your thyroid hormones, make the earliest appointment and fast (you can drink water) and leave about 24 hours from your last dose and take if after the blood test. They may have missed out the ranges as they wouldn't expect us to want to know them but it helps members comment. If you are in the UK many labs use different machines, thus the different ranges.


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