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Please can somebody help me - I've heard that thyroid issues could cause numbness? Can anyone explain why?

I've been suffering since Xmas days with numb arms, legs, hands, tongue and lips. I've been investigating thyroid issues for a while and posted my results previously with someone suggesting they indicate secondary hypothyroidism (outside of range low ft4 and low normal tsh, also tpo antibodies of 31 with range of 35+). My b12, calcium, ferritin etc all within range. My Gp doesn't think my problems are thyroid related but is referring me to neurologist to rule out MS...

Thank you x

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B12 deficiency commonly causes numbness too. have you had that checked?

Tiredjess in reply to HarryE

Yes and apparently that was fine as within range. Is that the only thing that might cause numbness in relation to thyroid?

Thanks :)

Londinium in reply to Tiredjess

Within what range was magnesium? Within the Nhs range? I would still consider taking a decent magnesium product every day.

Clutter in reply to Tiredjess

TiredJess, you need to know what your results are and where in range they are. Ferritin 12 and 300 can be in normal range but you'll almost certainly feel fatigued and unwell with ferritin 12.

B12 being "in range" might not be good enough, ideally you need to get the actual result number and the ranges so you can work out where it falls within the range. You might also want to go and research b12 deficiency, symptoms can be apparent with a result of 500 which is well within the "range"

Magnesium wasn't done so I don't know about that, and b12 was 647 with a range of 200-960ng/l?

I'll get myself a magnesium supplement, but does anyone know why thyroid issues might cause numbness if these levels are ok? Thanks :)

Tiredjess in reply to Tiredjess

And ferritin was 71 with a 15-350 range...

Marz in reply to Tiredjess

I would suggest you look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society Website where you will read that any GP should look at presenting symptoms and not rely on the blood test. There is also a Forum here for PAS - you could post there as well.

Were you supplementing B12 at the time of your test ? - or taking a B Complex...

Tiredjess in reply to Marz

No I wasn't supplementing with any b12 supplements. Only with fish oil, evening primrose & vit e as advised by a nutritionist. Also I am usually gluten & dairy free (since sept) although I had a week lapse, during which the most recent bloods were taken. Thanks for responses so far :)

Marz in reply to Tiredjess

In that case your B12 result was better than many that appear on the forum ! However you must consider that only 20% of that B12 result is available to be utilised in the cells - where it is needed. 1000 is optimal - so you could top up with 1000 mcg Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12 and good B Complex.

I would also have your VitD tested - again needs to be optimal and not just in range....

Marz in reply to Tiredjess

Tiredjess - Have added the link to Martyn Hoopers website for Pernicious Anaemia and B12 Deficiency. You will read the comment I posted - Docs should be looking at symptoms as well as the blood results :-)

Thanks for all your comments. I will get a b12 and magnesium supplement and have been looking at the Martyn Hooper website, which is interesting. I'm still curious though, my numbness symptoms are quite strong when they occur, would slight deficiencies (none of my results are massively low?) cause such severe symptoms. Are there any other causes anyone knows of? Would prefer not to have MS obviously 😁

Thanks :)

I had a look at your previous posts and managed to put this together - you'd scattered the info over several posts :

TSH: 0.72 mlu/L

Ft4: 11 pmol/L (11.5-22.7)

FT3: 5.3

Ft4:ft3 ratio: 2.1

T4: 77 nmol/L

Tpo antibodies: 31 iu/mL <35

What were the units and the reference range for the FT3, and what were the reference ranges for the figures that don't have one?

I also spotted this on one of your posts :

"The spire need a Gp referral to do a thyroid test and I'm fed up of feeling like a hypochondriac when I go to see my gp."

There are ways and means of getting tested privately without a doctor being involved.

Depending on what you want testing, I would suggest one of these tests :

1) The Thyroid Check Plus 10 test. This is a finger prick test done by Blue Horizon Medicals (BH). The kit required and all the instructions you need are sent to you through the post, you follow the instructions on how to prick your fingers, then you send the blood vials back through the post.

Look down the left hand side of the page and click on the blue badge saying "Thyroid Check Plus Ten"

2) The Thyroid Check Plus 12

This is the same test as the Plus 10 with the addition of Vitamin D and Reverse T3. This requires getting someone to take your blood via a needle in the elbow. There are ways and means of doing this, but it costs extra money, and it can be awkward for many of us. If you want to do this test, and want to know how to get someone to take blood for you, then write in and ask how. I've never done this test, but I'm guessing the blood must be sent through the post.

3) The Comprehensive PLUS V Blood test with HbA1c

This test is not directly aimed at the thyroid, but is more general. TSH and FT4 are included, as well as all the nutrient levels we tell people to get. It includes a full iron panel, not just ferritin, includes a full blood count, liver and kidney function tests, and some other things too.

Look down the page until you see a reference to Comprehensive PLUS V Blood test with HbA1c and click on that. They have special offers on most months, and if you look at the January 2016 offers you can see that getting Free T3 tested can be included free with the Comprehensive test. So order that test too, and then use the coupon code when ordering.

The above test is actually done by BH in partnership with Spire hospitals. It requires a blood sample taken from the elbow, but the blood-taking is included in the price. You have to attend a Spire Hospital to get your blood taken. The list of participating hospitals can be found on the Hospitals and Clinics tab on the website.

You just have to turn up with the paperwork that gets sent to you via email and they will take the blood. When I've done this test the blood is kept by Spire, no posting is required.

And the good news is that all of these can be ordered without getting doctors involved at all.

Hidden in reply to humanbean

What is the coupon code offer is it the Thyroid UK Web site one?

Hi humanbean,

Thank you for your huge amount of info. You should be a detective! Here is the missing info you asked for- Ft3 ref range was 2.8-6.5 and the ft4:3 ratio ref range was 2-4.5 and t4 ref range 58-161.

It isn't necessarily the blood test I need help obtaining as I had the Genova one done through my nutritionist and she is happy to request another at the end of Jan, and my Mum is a nurse so will happily bleed me (with glee!) but it's getting an appointment with an endocrinologist that I wanted. I ordered the thyroid pack from the thyroiduk website so wondering if there are some Drs I could approach directly. However, my Gp is very helpful and kind, he just doesn't agree with the thyroid route I'm hellbent on. He is concerned about my symptoms and perhaps he is right with suspecting MS. Ruling it out will be good anyway! Both ms and thyroid probs feature heavily in my family tree...

Thanks for your help X

My GP doesn't think my problems are thyroid related , how many times did I hear that , dozens!!! All the many doctors and 4 endocrinologists I have seen over the years told me ' there is nothing wrong connected with your thyroid , the blood tests are normal so that proves it' I had numbness exactly like you feet legs hands arms tongue lips but plus a host of other symptoms . I knew within myself I had a thyroid disease but " diagnosed with CFS/ fibromyalgia and told to just live with it . Took a long time but I eventually found a doctor who was prepared to give me a trial of thyroxine , amazing ! I was 60/70% better within a few weeks . I was so grateful for this improvement but over time wanted the extra 30% wellness long story cut short , I was , 19 years later from start of illness , ( sounds ridiculous) diagnosed with hashimotos ! And still got no help denied T3 denied NDT so like so many others I now self medicate . I sent for thyrogold (, dr John Lowe) been taking it for 5 months and this is the best I have felt in all those years . I came to the conclusion very early on GP s doctors know very little about thyroid , all they do is send blood tests to lab when they come back normal , thyroid problem is dismissed and stick rigidly to those tests and to be honest endos are much the same in my experience . Don't be intimidated by GP s stick to your feelings of thyroid being the cause ask for a trial of thyroid hormone ( usually thyroxine) this is the best test not bloods see another GP no joy see another and another . You will get sound advice on this forum , administrators know their stuff .best wishes Jay

Hi there do you know how to get the ferritin level up.Is it just iron tablets.My ferritin is 13! The doctor didn't think its a problem. I was eventually diagnosed with Hashimotos two years ago but only been on thyroxine for past year.Ive been eating Spinach and having steak once weekly .Also do you know why this storage level is so low when I think my hb level is normal.? Thanks

You say the doctor said your B12 is in range, but that still might not be enough to prevent symptoms. Ask for a printout of your blood test results and post it on here for more advice, only 20% of the blood serum level will reach your cells where it is most needed.

Tiredjess in reply to MariLiz

Hi MariLiz, my b12 was 647 from a range of 200-960...

I'm very very grateful for all the replies but my question really was what are the possible causes of numbness, rather than my own particular issues? So far it seems to be b12 and magnesium. Is there anything else?

Thanks :)

hjane in reply to Tiredjess

I've had 5 years of intermittent numbness and paralysis of limbs . Diagnosed with hashimotos 4 years ago and put on thyroxine , I've had scans , nerve conductive tests rule out ms , stroke . I discovered my ferritin levels were very low , when my neurologist looked at my test levels ,,2 years after it all started , even though my gp had said they were normal range . Last year I was also diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction , fnd and chronic fatique . I'm now gluten , diary free , take supplements and added t3 in December . I am now starting to see some positive changes . I personally think it3 has made a difference .

Tiredjess in reply to hjane

Thank you. I will get to the bottom of it all eventually I hope. Thabks for all your advice and stories X

Omeprazole side effects. Might be worth checking if you take it

I'm having trouble with the tip of my nose being kinda numb too. I'm ignoring it & hope it will subside in time.

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