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I take 75mcgs of T3 thrice daily for Hashimoto's and feel very very well on it. I have been seeing an endocrinologist at Lincoln hospital for the past year who says he can only prescribe me Levothyroxine with a small amount of t3. He says my test results show I am overstimulated but that he can see I'm not. Also, my temps, heart rate and weight gain show that I'm not.

He's now said he would like me to see a specialist at the hospital in Sheffield for a second opinion. The consultant at Sheffield is called Am*t All*h***d*a. I've written it like that as I don't know if it's okay to put in his full name.

Has anyone had any dealings with endos at Sheffield and did you have a successful outcome?

Thanks for any replies.

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  • Fortunata, it's ok to post the doctor's full name when you are asking for feedback but replies must be sent to you via private messages.

  • Thanks, Clutter. His name is Amit Allahabadia. If anyone has had any dealings with him, would you pm me, please?

  • Just to check - do you mean that you take 225 mg of T3 a day or that you take a total of 75mg in 3 doses of 25mg a day?

  • Hi PiggySue. It's the latter. Thanks, Julie x

  • Hi there fortunata, someone in my support group told me about this post, I have been seeing Dr A since 2009, I will pm you


  • Hi Suze, I know this post is a few months old but wonder if you'd mind PMing me any details you have of Dr A A. I heard from someone that they felt he was quite good and open minded and was toying with making an appointment to see him.

    Many thanks


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