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Hi guys, Can I ask for your thoughts please? I have a consultant at one hospital that's trying to wrestle my t3 off of me, but I have been told there's a better doc at another hospital in the same group.... How do you go about changing? Is there a way that it can be done without a face to face? The way I see this is, I won't be worse off...I could use the angle of the new one would be nearer my home? The only other thought is that they both confer and are awkward because the 1st doc says to be... Any help appreciated 😊 UPDATE.... Have spoken to secretary and she's going to transfer me 😊 I wont have that confirmed for a few days she said, but she'll work it out... She actually asked for my name and then became very helpful lol.... The joys of being an MPs case worker (Past)... Can't stand the bloke now, but if it works for me in that way it's ok by me 😊 Thanks all xx

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I think you will have to ask your GP to refer you to the better doc.

😞 If I went to the better one private and then asked he transfer me? to his NHS list? Thanks clutter btw 😊


Maybe, if he will agree to transfer you.

Thanks Clutter... I guess I would prefer to tell the GP I want to change rather than the 1st Endo... I'm going to look at seeing the better one then privately and ask and if that fails I'll go to the GP and say I had a private appt and found 2nd guy better and he is nearer too... Helps talking it out with you thanks x

Hi scorpiojo, when I changed from one Endo to another in the same hospital, I phoned the Secretary of the one I wanted to see and told her why I wanted to change. I then just cancelled the appointment I was given with the Endo I wanted to change from. Don't think I even had to give a reason. Might be easier changing from one hospital to another, giving the reason of distance. Wish you good luck. Did not evenhave to ask GP for a referral, but it was in the same hospital though.

Hi J, I'm going to call better Endo doc 2 and ask if I can be transferred from doc 1 if not, ask if I go private can it happen after that appt with good doc 2.... If that's a NO I'll go to GP and just do it via that route.... Thanks for unjuggling my brain 😊 x

Sometimes we need someone else to clear the way to seeing things differently. Wish you luck.

Hi, I put an update the secretary will change me, but M had a bad experience yesterday so I might have swapped awful for awful lol... But it's worth a try... If it ends in a fight it does.... These people should be ashamed of themselves they should be dedicated to solving an issue not keeping someone ill... No money would make me do a job like that.... X

I did hear from M about her experience. Not what she has been used to lately. NHS seem hellbent on getting rid of the good doctors, or at least not letting them treat us properly. It is about time doctors fought back, as there can't be much job satisfaction can there? Hope it does all work out good for you. Keep learning yourself though.

I have, for some reason, lost the comment/link I made but the link you couldn't access was details on how to get a doctor to prescribe on a 'named patient basis' the lower cost T3s.

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