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I have just returned from my GP review following recent blood tests for anemia. She wants me to start a course of injections with loading then 3 monthly shots. I produced my pot of 5000 microgram B12 tablets by Jarrow but she shook her head sadly and said no, not to take them as they could skew results and absolutely would not work. I don't do well with injections of any kind - they usually kick off an inflammatory response so I try to avoid them where possible. Is she right?

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  • Did your doctor diagnose your B12 as a deficiency causing anaemia or Pernicious Anaemia. With pernicious anaemia you do need injections. I have PA but also supplement with B12 sublingual tablets.

    I think what your doctor means is she is following the regime for B12 deficiency so I would be apt to go along at present and then when your levels are optimum you can switch to sublingual B12.

  • This is a link which might be helpful - also I am sure you know to use methylcobalamin B12 sublingual and not cyanocobalamin.


  • Clareb67, how low is your B12, and how long have you been supplementing 5,000mcg B12? Many B12 deficient patients supplement 5,000mcg sublingual lozenges in between injections.

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