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B12 deficiency

I do not know if anyone remembers me when I discussed my daughter who had felt extremely unwell for a couple of years and more and had bbeen tested for thyroid as it is in my family. They kept saying everything was in range. When eventually she really pushed for all the tests you suggest on here. It happens that her B12 was 170 and was immediately put on B12 injections. Thank you to all those on here who made her persist with the doctor.

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Glad to hear.

Do make sure that she gets enough injections. They are very prone to not offering enough to begin with and/or stop or not repeat frequently enough

Ask on PAS healthunlocked for how many injections she should get to start with etc

Were vitamin D, folate and ferritin at good levels or do they need supplementing too


Folate and B12 work together so Folate or Folic Acid should also be taken. A good B Complex would be good 😊

The B12 Treatment Guidelines are different if neurological symptoms are involved ..



Good news. Has GP investigated whether pernicious anaemia was causing B12 deficiency? are the experts on PA, B12 and folate deficiency.

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Did they check the intrinsic factor before prescribing B12 injections. They should have done this to exclude Pernicious Anaemia as that it what it is 'pernicious' and can easily be missed.

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Yes they did she has had injections and now on tablets.


They gave her a prescription for antedepressants as she had been feeling so unwell. But she has not taken them. How long will it be until the B12 tablets kick in. She had injections first.


there isn't a simple answer to your question.

Please take a look at the PAS forum Clutter suggested above.

PA is the most common cause of B12 deficiency.

Would be useful to say what tablets she is on if you post on there - possible that the tablets aren't going to have any impact at all if they are 50mcg and she has an absorption problem.


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