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Conflicting results


Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my post!

I have been in and out of the doctors with the same symptoms over the last 9 month’s. I was called in to see my GP today about my latest test results and they don’t really understand them so they are referring me to a specialist. My thyroid function test came back as normal but my thyroid hormone levels came back as 27. They didn’t really provide me with any further information. Has anyone else had similar results or does anyone know what this could mean? Thank you so much 😊

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Without all the number - results and ranges - it would be very difficult to comment, I'm afraid. Which thyroid hormone was 27? Have you had your antibodies tested? If not, insist on having those done. :)

greygoose in reply to greygoose

Oh, and do you have any sort of diagnosis? Are you on thyroid hormone replacement? If so, what and how much? And, how do you feel?

Thank you for responding so quickly. I’m sorry I’ve not been able to provide much information. The GP literally doesn’t know what is wrong, so has referred me to a specialist.

The only other information I can think of was that she said my symptoms are classic under active thyroid, however my results would indicate over active thyroid, but my thyroid function came back normal so she can’t really offer any diagnosis at this time.

I will ring in the morning to get more clarity on numbers for each test. They did check my auto antibodies because I saw that on the blood form but they didn’t comment on those results at my appointment.

I’ve never been on any medication for my thyroid or ever received any previous diagnosis for thyroid. This is the first time they are actually referring me to a specialist.

No, they wouldn't comment on them, because they don't know anything about them. But, we do. And, it's perfectly possible that those results of yours are due to high antibodies. You don't need a 'specialist' - they don't know anything about thyroid, anyway - what you need is a copy of your results, a print-out, so there's no room for error, then we will probably be able to tell you what's going on.

greygoose in reply to greygoose

If you live in the UK, it's your legal right to have a copy, so don't be fobbed off! :)

OK great thank you! I will get my results tomorrow and post here. Thank you so much!

You're very welcome. :)

I’ve got a print out of my results and this is what they say:

TSH = 1.29

T4 = 27.1

Cortisol = 149

Progesterone = 38.6

LH = 18.1

FSH = 12.4

Autoab = Normal

Any advice would be deeply appreciated! I’m very worried.

They also said my heart rate was high

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