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A little help please

Not been on here for a while, so hi to everyone again.

I few months ago I was tested for kidney stones but turns out I don't have them my urologist said he would write to my GP recommending that I be referred to a endo as my parathyroid results are high.

Went to see my waste of space GP as a follow up and asked about the referral to the endo, his reply was that it is not necessary as I have low Vit d and that would make my parathyroid result high, is this right.

I have pondered this for a couple of months whilst taking large doses of Vit d (2000 mg) which GP told me to take for 3 months then go back for blood test.

Now, do I have blood test while still taking the supplement or after I have finished it and if so how long after?

GP still refuses to test my T3 insists it tells them nothing even with the evidence I have printed off from here and taken to him. Feel like a complete hypochondriac and a moaning misery, my get up and go got up and left, it's my birthday tomorrow and the family are taking me out, but I would rather stay at home in the warm dosing on the sofa, I'm 55 not 85!

I have also had some new problems I don't know if they are related, not been to docs, what's the point. My heart races even when I walk a short distance ie from my living room to my bedroom, I don't live in a mansion just a small bungalow not sure if this is just because I am so unfit and I get this kind of sore throat but in my neck not the back of my mouth like a cold, it's like a ball stuck in my throat and I can't swallow it down, it lasts a few days then goes, I havent got a goitre, yet anyway I'll await that joy I suppose.

Sorry for the long post but I tend to just "get on with it" as can't stand keep hearing myself complaining, forgot to say I have hypothyroidism and take 50mg Levo dose been the same since diagnosis some 4 years ago.

All help appreciated especially if someone knows a GP who actually understands thyroid problems or a decent endo in the West Sussex area, need to get sorted as started making errors at work and know in my heart I'm not upto the job like this 😢

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Do you have your calcium and parathyroid results ?

Hyperparathyroidism will give you high calcium, high parathyroid and low vitd. Doctors frequently believe vitd supplements will cure the problem, not so, in fact it usually increases the calcium even more which is not good.

As you have been taking vitd you need new bloods done, calcium, parathyroid and vitd, the parathyroid test is time critical so a note of the time taken must be on the form and it must get to the lab asap after taking.

Lots of info on


Bantam12 my last bloods were done after the urologists recommendation was reject on 26.10.15 my serum calcium was 2.36 (range 2.15-2.55 mmolL)

Serum adjusted calcium 2.26 (range 2.15-2.55 mmol/L)

Parathyroid 80 (range 15-65 ng/L)

Vit D 21 (range 50-120 )

B12 last tested 10.9.15 result 314 (range 197-866) told it is ok

The form for my blood test just says mid Feb non fasting test for bone profile, electrolytes & ceatinine, parathyroid, liver function, thyroid TFTS and 25-hydroxyl Vit d with a note - Vit d therapy Fultium 3200 od (sorry got my dose wrong in my original post).

There is no reference to time etc and he just gave it to me and told me the diaries were nit available that far ahead so book it in the new year he Eve my question before or after I finish the course


OK low calcium with high PTH indicates secondary hyperparathyroidism rather than primary where calcium is high.

It can be tricky finding the cause, may be simply the low vitd in which case raising that will lower the PTH.

Other causes can be diet related, not enough calcium, high phosphate levels or kidney disease.

See what your next bloods show then go from there, you don't need to stop the vitd for the blood test, if the tests are being done at the hospital the pth timing shouldn't be a problem assuming they have an onsite lab.


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