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Need a little guidance please

Morning, I have under active thyroid, Hashimotos, Crohn's and interstitial cystitis. Been on a dose of 50 levo since diagnosed 6 years ago, then the GP tried to increase me but I felt ill, developed chest infections etc all cleared up when I went back down to 50. Not felt myself since I have had this. I didn't know then that I had Hashimotos and have only found that out recently as a result of the brilliant informative info you give out on this site.

So recent tests show that I need to increase levo and my vit D is low, iron is optimal, 4.96 TSH (range 0.27 - 4.2) T4 14.4 (range 12.00 - 22). Increased to 75 levo had retest and result was TSH 3.45 T4 18.3 so on paper going in right direction but have sore throat, swollen glands behind ears and feel tired out. Back to GP who has agreed another increase to 100 then a retest.

I am scared to increase again because of last time. My GP won't do antibody test says it's unnecessary although 6 years ago my level TPO was >1000.

I told her I am doing the blue horizon plus 12 with RT3 before I increase again so I can see exactly what's going on - she thinks I am wasting my money. I am sure this is the way to go.

Do you think I could be feeling ill because I am not absorbing the leve and is this test the best one to cover all options? I don't know whether it's my Hashimotos causing my glands or what's going on.

Any advice please seeing my GP again tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

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How low is your vitamin D?

A very low level of any nutrient without considering your thyroid results makes you more susceptible to catching and having infections. Then if you add in a condition that screws your metabolism then it's not surprising you are ill and keep getting ill.

If you haven't had your vitamin D plus other nutrients tested in the last year then do a test. Otherwise supplement your vitamin D and then get a test later in the year. You will get proper advice on what level to supplement to if you post your result, and either the range or the unit of measurement.


My vit D was 40.3 on the first test so insufficient and since then I have been taking supplements to improve things including iron b12. I will have a think about the test.


I just went back through your previous post to see your blood test results.

It's only been 3 months since you started supplementing vitamin D and iron.

If you are supplementing as advised by Clutter and also going outside in the sun (when it appears) for 15-20 minutes with bear arms, it will take 6 months before your levels of both vitamin D and ferritin get near optimum as these levels rise slowly. In the meantime yes you will be more susceptible to getting and having infections.


Yes I am doing all the supplements and sitting out in the sun when it's out. I think I am just becoming a little impatient (like you do when you're unwell) and not giving my body enough time to get to the right levels. I will see what my GP says tomorrow and keep you posted. Thanks for your help.


Are you Gluten Free ? I have Crohns and Hashimotos - and healing the gut is soooo important.

Hope you soon feel better.


Thank you x I have started gluten free this week. Of all the things I have tried over the years gluten is the one elimation diet that I haven't. With the Crohn's I have always been careful, dairy, bran,nuts, yeast etc., so I have nothing to loose and everything to gain! I wish you well too, nice to hear from another crohnie!


I was diagnosed over 40 years ago. Hashimotos - 11 years ago ... Do be careful of hidden gluten ...


I will. Hard at breakfast can't tolerate much fruit so it's mainly eggs. I am going to look into this in more depth. Thank you x


I suggest you ask first what training your GP has in nutrition.

If s/he just says something along the lines of I am a doctor or acts insulted, they have no additional training apart from what they learnt as an undergraduate.

They then won't see any point in you taking supplements apart from vitamin D and that will be basically the end of the conversation.

Those who have had postgraduate training in nutrition, sports science or similar subjects are more likely to be willing to discuss their interest and more things.


To give credit she did suggest I take 800 D3 but I was already doing 5000 a day as per the helpful Clutter. You are right nothing else discussed.


DollyDuck How much Vit D3 are you taking? I got my level up from 15 to 202 in less than 3 months. I got some Doctor's Best D3 5000iu, started with 40,000iu daily for a couple of weeks then went on to 5000iu daily. When I reached 202 I reduced to a maintenance dose of 5000iu Monday to Friday only and my level is now 152.

Are you taking K2 along with the Vit D?


Do you know I think you might have a point here, I had been taking 5000 iu for about 8/9 weeks, I then reduced to doing alternate days and thinking about it, my glands & throat started a few weeks after. Might just be a coincidence but maybe I should go back on 5000 everyday for a few more weeks to see if things improve. No I am not taking K2 should I be taking that as well? I am going to look up that Doctors Best one. Thank you for your advice - you are all so helpful I really appreciate it.


DollyDuck Yes, you need K2. When taking Vit D it aids absorption of calcium, the K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. There is K2-MK7 and K2-MK4. The MK7 is the one I usually see recommended.

I like the Doctor's Best D3 because it only contains the D3 and olive oil, no unwanted ingredients, and in a small softgel which is easy to swallow. The olive oil takes care of the fact that D3 needs to be taken with some fat. There are some supplements where you can get a combined D3/K2.


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