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A little confused

HI ya I'm new to the group.

Since September last year 2016 right up to March 2017 I had a common cold one one off to one for what seemed months.

After lots of blood test my GP told me my ft4 was low at (7.9) lab range 8.4-19.1. TSH 2.01 lab range 0.3 -5.0

Anti thyroid peroxidase 30 lab range <9

My symptoms

1Feeling like I have the flu with out the flu

2Pain in all my joints

3 pain around my throat- like a tight gripping feeling

4 shooting pain discomfort around the heart area

5 feeling sick like something was not right

6 all I wanted to do is sleep

I was given thyroid medication

I started started to feel better the within 2 months back to how I was feeling over xmas. I had a blood test to showed my ft4 had gone to 10.2 lab range 8.4-19.1 TSH 1.96 lab range 0.3 -5.0

Follow the blood test I asked my GP if we could increase the medication to see if I can get a level that works for me. The GP told me I can not increase meds with out seeing specialist.

The specialist has taken of the meds and told me my symptoms are not related to thyroid........ very confusing

We then agreed to come of the meds for 3 weeks have a blood test then go back to the specialist.

Today I got the blood test results and my ft4 is at 7.9 lab range 8.4-19.1 TSH 2.34 lab range 0.3 -5.0

Would I would like to know has anyone had the same symptoms as myself and do you think I could have a thyroid problem.

Sorry that's all a bit long, I wanted to give a true picture.

Any comments are very welcomed

BR Daniel

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Please edit your post, and put the ranges for your Free T4 in brackets next to the post as you will get more helpful replies.

It is also worth posting your TSH values with ranges next to it as this will help also.


Thanks for letting me know


You seem to have central hypothyroidism. In other words your thyroid gland isn't reacting to your TSH level by increasing free T4 production.

You need to be examined and tested to see if there is something wrong with your pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

When are you seeing the specialist next?


I'm seeing the specialist tommrow afternoon.

When he tested for the ft4 he also tested for








I believe one of the above tests looks at the pituitary gland.


Yep prolactin.

Don't be afraid tomorrow to speak up and ask the specialist if they think it is a pituitary gland, hypothalamus or other issue.

Also make notes if you need to.

Remember it's your health


Your thyroid antibodies were above the range too so as well as possible central hypothyroidism it points to Hashimotos Thyroditis too so auto immune (very common don't panic) loads of us with thyroid issues are Hashis. Ask the specialist about it tomorrow.

Please come back with what they say and blood results. We can really help. There's lots that can help with Hashimotos.


Your doctor could easily have prescribed some more Thyroxine, but the fact that he handed you on to an endocrinologist might turn out to be a good thing (your doctor probably suspected a pituitary problem), but it all depends on how good the endocrinologist is. As Katepots said, let us know what the endo says, and what medication he prescribes. You will probably be prescribed Levothyroxine again, hopefully at a higher dose than before.

If you read a lot of the posts on this forum you will find that a recurring theme is low vitamins, particularly B12, D and Ferritin. Having not enough thyroid hormones in the body, or too many, seems to deplete these nutrients, and having healthy (preferably at least half way up the range) levels of these seems to with symptoms. Try to get your endo or GP to check your levels, and post the results here.


Well just got back from see the specialist and I think iv wasted my time. Iv been told the test for FT4 is not a reliable test so he does not think I have a thyroid problem.

What I found funny he agreed my FT4 was low and said something must be bringing the levels down but has no idea what.

Would any of you get a second opinion.

Thanks Daniel


So did he say where you go from there? Surely they can't just leave you with a low FT4 and not find out what is causing it? Sorry but I do wonder about these doctors and specialists, it seems if it's not something blatantly obvious and staring them in the face they have no idea what to do next. I would certainly ask for a second opinion.

I'm no expert on this and I'm sure other people will advise you but you're obviously not feeling well and they need to find out what the problem is so it can be treated properly. I hope you get sorted soon.

Also I thought the FT4 was the accurate test along with FT3 if that's indicating the Free levels, it's the other ones that aren't much use from what I've learnt on here.

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Been back to my GP and she has agreed to send me to a different thyroid specialist for a second opinion.


Out of interest has any of you been diagnosed with underactive thyroid so have low FT4 but your TSH are in the in the laboratory range.


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