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Vitamin D

Hello, I am hypothyroid, diagnosed 2015. Could someone please advise as to the best supplement for vitamin D? My levels haven't been checked since April so I assume these are now much lower without supplementation?

Thank you.

Total 25 vitamin D

Apr 2015

Total vitamin D - 68.7 nmol/L (>75 adequate vitamin D)

Oct 2014

Total vitamin D - 71 nmol/L (>75 adequate vitamin D)

Jun 2014

Total vitamin D - 54.3 nmol/L (>75 adequate vitamin D)

Jan 2014

Total vitamin D - 38.5 nmol/L (>75 adequate vitamin D)

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Welcome to the forum, Jazzycat11.

Ideally vitD will be retested to see how much you need to supplement. I think D3 softgel capsules are preferable to tablets as the fat in oil aids absorption. Sprays and drops are also available and people have good results with these. I don't think brand is important with D3.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Clutter, am I halucinating, or are you replying to Momo1948 in the wrong thread...


GG, you weren't hallucinating. I c&p the reply to Momo1948 in error and have deleted it :)


OK lol It happens! :)


GG, yeah, twice last night, both on Jazzycat11's posts. I didn't spot this one :(

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I take Nutrasea Omega 3 + Vit D. I was taking 4 times the daily recommended dose on the bottle and it definitely boosted me to a healthy level. The liquid format, while not super delicious, is probably the best for absorption. The capsules are a good back up if you don't like the liquid.


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